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Date: Wed, 5 Apr 1995 09:33:16 +48000 From: Toyoji Tomita To: didjeridu list Subject: Microphones... Message-ID:

The first thing to consider about microphones is condenser vs/ dynamic. Condenser microphones are, to my taste, too "accurate"...too clean for the didjeridu. They're also much more fragile -- something to consider when placing the microphone close (within 8") of the end of the instrument...

My favorite mic has been a Sennheiser (I forgot the number), which has a cardioid pattern, giving a nice bass boost which can be adjusted by pointing it at different angles.

Recently, the Mills' Ensemble has been doing some 'live rehearsal' recordings where a couple of Beyer (ribbon) mics have been used. These have a much 'cleaner' sound than the Sennheisers - but not objectionable. I'm thinking of changing my preferences...

Speaking of changing preferences: I think I'm moving away from the "close mic boost the bass so the rafters shake" sound. Those old Trevor Jones field recordings still echo in my soul...

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