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DAVID ROSENBOOM: Composer - Performer - Researcher - Author - Educator

DISCOGRAPHY Last update: 1/19/95 _________________________________________________________________

Recordings of Rosenboom's Music [excerpts]

(CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER) _________________________________________________________________ Keyboard Encounter for Two Unacquainted Pianists, with Charles McDermed, organized by Donald Buchla, Ocean Records, Composers Cassettes, Vol. I, Los Gatos, CA, 1976. _________________________________________________________________

Rosenboom and Buchla: Collaboration in Performance, contains, And Out Come the Night Ears, How Much Better if Plymouth Rock Had Landed On the Pilgrims, 1750 Arch Records, Berkeley, and Frog Peak Music, Hanover, NH, 1978. _________________________________________________________________

J. Jasmine. . .My New Music, songs and lyrics by J. Humbert a.k.a. J. Jasmine, D. Rosenboom, and G. Manupelli, Chez Hum-Boom Publishing and A.R.C. Records, #DR001, Toronto/Berkeley/Piedmont, and Frog Peak Music, Hanover, NH, 1978. _________________________________________________________________

Future Travel (solo recordings with computerized electronic music system, piano, violin, percussion), contains: Station Oaxaca, Nazca Liftoff, Corona Dance, Time Arroyo, Desert Night Touch Down, Palazzo, and Nova Wind, Street Records, Birmingham, MI, 1982. _________________________________________________________________

In The Beginning: Etude II (keyboard), recorded for National Public Radio program on contemporary keyboard music with J. Cage, L. Harrison, D. Rosenboom, and C. Nancarrow, produced by Eva Soltes Associates, Albany, CA, 1981. _________________________________________________________________

Daytime Viewing with J. Humbert-Rosenboom, (song stories for voice, electronic orchestrations, auxiliary percussion), includes, Talk 1, Bareback, Domestic Violence, Distant Space, Talk 2, Wishes, Chez Hum-Boom Publishing, Piedmont, CA, cassette release, 1983, second edition, Frog Peak Music, Hanover, NH, 1988. _________________________________________________________________

Music of J.B. Floyd and David Rosenboom, includes interview, recording of live performance, National Public Radio, Miami, FL, 1983. _________________________________________________________________

Study for 'ZONES' (computer aided electronic instruments), Musicworks #28, (cassette series), Toronto, 1984, and one.source: HMSL, (cassette), Frog Peak Music, Hanover, NH, 1990. _________________________________________________________________

In The Beginning: Etude I (Trombones) (1979), in Rosenboom, D.(ed.): Music From Mills, 3-record anthology, Mills College, Oakland, 1986. _________________________________________________________________

Roundup: A Live Electro-acoustic Retrospective (1968-1984), cassette anthology of eight works for electronic media, including: In The Beginning I (Electronic) (1978), And Come Up Dripping (1968), Musical Intervention 1979, Zones of Influence, Part I, The Winding Of A Spring, a) The Stochastic Part, b) The Tripartite Structure (1984), Urboui, Part I, Pear Facts (1968), Musical Intervention 1982, Music For Unstable Circuits (1968) (+Drums), and Trio II (1978), SLOWSCAN EDITIONS, Vol. 7, 's-Hertogenbosch, Holland, and Frog Peak Music, Hanover, NH, 1987. _________________________________________________________________

Systems of Judgment (1987-88)

Digital recording of approx. 65-minute work, computer aided instruments, violin, keyboards, variety of sound sources, CDCM Series, Vol. 4, (CD), #CRC 2077, Centaur Records, Inc., Baton Rouge, LA, and Consortium to Distribute Computer Music , Dallas, TX, 1989. _________________________________________________________________

Recordings by Rosenboom of Other's Music

(CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER) _________________________________________________________________

(pianist), Byron, M.: Entrances (written for D. Rosenboom), on Tidal: Michael Byron, Neutral Records, #N5, NY, 1982. _________________________________________________________________

(producer, recording engineer), Byron, M.: Marimbas in the Dorian Mode, Cold Blue Records, Los Angeles, 1984. _________________________________________________________________

(pianist), Braxton, A.: Composition No. 62(+30+96), on Music From Mills, 3-record anthology, Mills College, Oakland, 1986 _________________________________________________________________

(producer, editor), Music From Mills, 3-record anthology of 21 composers, Mills College, Oakland, 1986 _________________________________________________________________

(pianist), Anthony Braxton Five Compositions (Quartet) 1986, record and CD, Black Saint IREC, #BSR 0106, Milan, Italy, 1987. _________________________________________________________________

(pianist), Byron, M.: Starfields, TELLUS Cassettes, Vol. #4, (143 Ludlow St., Suite 14, NYC, 10002), New York, 1987. _________________________________________________________________

(pianist), The Anthony Braxton Quartet, "...if my memory serves me right", CD recording of concert performance, West Wind #004, Bellaphon Records, ITM-Records, Wuppertal, West Germany, 1988. _________________________________________________________________

(pianist and interactive computer instruments), Braxton, A.: Composition No. 107, CDCM Series, Vol. 10, (CD), #CRC 2110: The Virtuoso in the Computer Age, Centaur Records, Inc., Baton Rouge, LA, and Consortium to Distribute Computer Music, Dallas, TX, 1991. _________________________________________________________________

Note: This list does not represent complete recording credits, merely a list of items that should be readily available for purchase or in libraries. Many other works have been recorded for broadcast media, films, video, or in other forms not immediately accessible the general public.