received from chris brown on aug 16 1995 copyright 178w


non-permission works

vying for control of these spaces where control has slipped between the cracks

who controls the arenas of public discourse ? who is the public ?

identity, culture, belief, ritual, aesthetics, politics, landscape

sites contain the ghosts of their past as places of meaning

the ghosts of all we have displaced and exploited

reflect and reveal the beauty and cultural richness of our communities

recording events based on daily activities

transgressions I am forced to commit daily in the name of devices

arresting our walk towards social degeneration

larger than one's personal vision

reasons to keep returning to the street

fraught with controversy over ownership and censorship

there are always constraints when it's somebody else's money

a channel ready to interpret

testimonios historicos de nuestra realidad social

multiple access points to viewer of different backgrounds, engendering a variety of interconnected readings and interpretations

a multitude of shared cultural sites to express our very private issues

strength comes from communities, not commodities

the public is the viewer at large