received from chris brown on aug 16 1995 copyright 435w

Chris Brown 1951 Oak St. #4 San Francisco, CA 94117

June 19, 1991

Jocelyn Robert OBSCURE 729, C“te d'Abraham Qu‚bec, Qc CANADA G1R1A2

Dear Jocelyn,

Here is a list of people I know in the Bay Area involved with interactive computer art:

1) Paul DeMarinis, POB 4323, San Francisco 94101, ph# 415-626-4219 musician and multi-media computer-based art, has produced several pieces for the Exploratorium, real technical pioneer

2) Larry Shaw, c/o Exploratorium, 3601 Lyon, SF 94123 ph#415-563-7337 director of electronics shop at the Museum, good contact point for other artists doing residencies there

3) John Bischoff, 1374 Francisco, Berkeley, CA 94702 ph#415-540-5539 Originator of computer network music bands, unsung hero of electronic music in the Bay Area - also, ask him about Don Day, a video artist and creative technical type who will know people working at CCAC, the California College of Arts and Crafts in Oakland

4) Tim Perkis, 1048 Neilson, Albany, CA 94706 ph#415-528-0609 Collaborator of Bischoff, but also involved professionally with digital video systems

5) Bill Thibault, 1740 Walnut, Berkeley, CA 94709 ph#415-845-4942 computer video genius, interactive 3D graphics expert, teaches sometimes at Hayward State Univ. with HEAT (Hayward Experiments in Art and Technology

6) David Wessel, c/o CNMAT, Music Dept. UC/Berkeley, ph#415-643-9990 High-powered research institute for computer music, technology, and psychoacoustics - by definition kind of academic, but Wessel is a very approachable and interesting guy and is friends with others such as Don Buchla and George Lewis

7) Sharon Grace, c/o PV Dept., SF Art Institute, 800 Chestnut, SF 94109 ph#415-543-3685 - video teacher and artist with contacts throughout video and VR community - ask her about Lynn Hershmann, an artist I don't know as well but who has been doing alot of high profile pieces involving interactive media

8) Ramon Sender, 3922-23rd St., SF ph#415-821-2090 - author and composer who co-founded the SF Tape Music Center with Mort Subotnick and Pauline Oliveros, now involved with the Whole Earth 'Lectronic Link (The Well) and other telecommunications projects as well as electronic publishing/interactive novels, etc. A real resource person who could redirect you to others too

Well, I think that this should give you enough to chew on, and put you in touch with people in alot of different scenes. Also, plan to call us at Mills, (though I won't be around), at the Center for Contemporary Music, ph#415- 430-2191, and talk to Phil Burk, who authored HMSL, an interactive computer music language, or Tom Erbe, the technical director.

Good Luck,

Chris Brown