received from chris brown on aug 16 1995 copyright 156w

JULY 4 1994 MOB ECSTASY Producer: Ben Lindgren. KPFA radio

Composer/pianist/electronic musician Chris Brown will perform a concert of musical fireworks for the midi-grand piano and an interactive computer music system. KPFA's studio Yamaha piano is equipped with an electronic interface that can report the exact times, notes, and intensities of each piano keystroke. Chris Brown's software uses this information to create real-time electronic transformations and cybernetic improvisations.

Chris Brown is Co-Director of the Center for Contemporary Music at Mills College in Oakland, where he teaches Composition and Electronic Music. In addition to creating pieces for acoustic instruments and interactive electronics, he also performs new music with the trio "Room", live computer music with "The Hub", and free jazz with "The Glenn Spearman Double Trio". His 1992 piece for eight instruments and live-electronics "Lava" will be released next year on the New York CD-label "Arcana".