received from chris brown on aug 16 1995 copyright 198w

[ chris brown / tom nunn His Masters Voice score 2.87 ]

HMV w/ Tom

obedience - Chris starts 1st two beats Tom joins with plucked nails, then fast,light perc. [0,1]

butterfly - program switches effects with loudness - continue [2] moderate

swimming - CB to wing, TN to bows ( frequency shift and straight delay) [3,4,5]

hmv.1 - same instrumentation, sparser playing [5] delay follows pitch

obey - very fast effect sequencing, short "timed-out"section [5,6] all bowed sounds

hmv.2 -bows continue, then quietest, plucking,strumming, scraping w/ sticks [7]

sandwich - slow seq.= delay, freq.shift glide up, fuzz, freq.shift glide down, delay - 1.5 minutes TN on string sounds CB on Hot Lunch [8]

hmv.3 - free switching, building "swarming " texture [C,D,E] TN on combs

beat march - CB electronics out, then TN solo mallets on rods, jagged rhythmic sequence CB joins half way through [9]

hmv.4 - start building big texture of noises in delays [A,B]

rounder - continue building

hmv.5 - automation section - step back and listen then CB returns to gazamba, TN reduces holds gradually TN moves to fleur for solo, CB fades