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The Just Intonation Primer David B. Doty A concise introduction to the subject that is essential for every practitioner, now available in a revised second printing. Years in the making, this milestone volume was subsidized to sell at cost. 78 pp. paperbound. Nonmembers $8.00/Members $6.00 Included FREE with a new Just Intonation Network membership!

Divisions of the Tetrachord John H. Chalmers, Jr. Everything you've ever wanted to know about tetrachords and tetrachordal scales, and a whole lot more. Includes accounts of Greek, Byzantine, and Islamic theories; detailed analyses of tetrachord types; and extensive catalogs of both just and tempered tetrachords. 234 pp. paperbound. Nonmembers $35.00/Members $33.00


Numbers Racket The Just Intonation Network Compilation Volume 2 (1992) Features works by Michael Harrison, Carter Scholz, Denny Genovese, Larry Polansky, David Mitros, Adriaan D. Fokker, Erling Wold, Janis Mattox, Jon Catler, Jules Siegel, Jim Horton, Bill Sethares, Norman Henry, Daniel W. Schmidt, and La Monte Young. Extended play chrome cassette only: Nonmembers $9.98/Members $8.98

Rational Music for an Irrational World The Just Intonation Network Compilation Volume 1 (1989) Features works by Erling Wold, Jules Siegel, Eric S. Ridgway, Norbert Oldani, Thomas J. Dougherty, Carola B. Anderson, John H. Chalmers, Jr., Lou Harrison, Bill Alves, David B. Doty, Glenn Frantz, Dudley Duncan, David Canright, Ralph David Hill, Robert Rich, Gino Robair, and Harry Partch. Extended play chrome cassette only: Nonmembers $9.98/Members $8.98

Tellus #14: Just Intonation (1986) The acclaimed network compilation cassette includes works by Harry Partch, Ralph David Hill, Carola B. Anderson, David Hykes, Lou Harrison, Jon Catler, David Canright, David B. Doty, John Bischoff/Jim Horton/Tim Perkis as the League of Automatic Music Composers, Ben Johnston, Erling Wold, Susan Norris, James Tenney, Larry Polansky, Alexis Alrich, and Jody Diamond. C-60 cassette: Nonmembers $7.50/Members $6.50

Just Intonation Network T-shirt A 100% cotton, grey T emblazoned in red and black with the famous (as seen in the Village Voice) international anti-twelfth root of two logo and the proud name of our organization. Specify S,M,L,XL Nonmembers $12.50/Members $10.00 each


All back issues of 1/1 the Journal of the Just Intonation Network are currently available. Volume 1, Number 1 available in complete sets only. All other issues: Nonmembers $4.00/Members $3.00 each. Special offer! Complete set, Volumes 1-8--Members only $80.00

_________________________________________________________________ The JUST INTONATION STORE

The Just Intonation Store is the mail-order service of the Just Intonation Network, featuring recordings of music in Just Intonation, books on theory and acoustics, and related items. The Store is designed to make materials available to network members as easily and inexpensively as possible. Proceeds from store sales help to support network activities.

U.S. orders add 10% postage/foreign orders add 25% postage per order. California residents please add sales tax. Please allow four to six weeks for delivery. Prices and availability subject to change without notice.

Make checks or money orders payable to the Just Intonation Network, 535 Stevenson Street, San Francisco, CA 94103. Foreign orders, please use a check or money order in U.S. dollars on a U.S. bank. Sorry, no credit card orders.

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