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Lou Harrison's Music Primer Lou Harrison Comments and reflections about music and music-making. The beautiful manuscript printed in facsimile is a must for all J.I. enthusiasts. 50 pp. paperbound. Nonmembers $23.50/Members $21.50

Bitter Music Harry Partch Collected Journals, Essays, Introductions, and Librettos. Edited with an Introduction by Thomas McGeary. Includes journals of Partch's hobo period, sprinkled with fragments of speech set in staff notation, and his research trip to Europe, during which he met Yeats and Dolmetsch; an account of a solo backpacking trip along California's "Lost Coast"; and librettos from all of his major theatrical works. Not a book on music theory, but an essential item for those interested in the man behind the music. 487 pp. hardbound. Nonmembers $44.95/Members $39.95


Concerto in Slendro/Three Pieces for Gamelan with Soloists/String Quartet Set/Suite for Percussion CD only: Nonmembers $18.98/Members $16.98

Music of Lou Harrison String Quartet Set/Suite for Percussion/Three Gamelan Pieces. Chrome cassette only: Nonmembers $10.98/Members $9.98

Gamelan Music Volume 1 Contains Philemon and Baukis, Cornish Lancaran, Gending Alexander, Homage to Pacifica, and Bubaran Robert. CD only: Nonmembers $16.98/Members $15.98

Scenes from Cavafy and Favorite Tunes from Young Caesar The latest Hermes Beard release. Cassette only: Nonmembers $9.98/Members $8.98

Piano Concerto and Suite for Violin, Piano and Small Orchestra Keith Jarrett tickles the ivories on this record of one new and one old piece. CD: Nonmembers $15.98/Members $14.50; LP or cassette: Nonmembers $10.98/Members $9.98

La Koro Sutro Includes La Koro Sutro (choral setting of the Buddhist "Heart Sutra," in Esperanto) Varied Trio, and Suite for Violin and American Gamelan (a classic!) CD: Nonmembers $17.98/Members $16.50; Cassette: Nonmembers $9.98/Members $8.98

Double Concerto for Violin and Cello with Javanese Gamelan also includes works by Henry Cowell and Paul Reale, performed by the Mirecourt Trio. CD only: Nonmembers $16.98/Members $15.98

Music for Guitar and Percussion Performed and produced by John Schneider on refretted and interchangeable-fretboard guitars Superb collection of compositions ranging from 1941 to 1978. CD only: Nonmembers $18.98/Members $16.98


Revelation in the Courthouse Park Now back in print, Partch's setting of the Bacchai of Euripides, featuring the HP ensemble and chorus directed by Danlee Mitchell, with Obba Babatunde as Dion/Dionysus. Double CD: Nonmembers $21.98/Members $23.98

Music of Harry Partch The Bewitched, (Final Scene and Epilogue), Castor and Pollux, Cloud Chamber Music, The Letter, And on the Seventh Day, Petals Fell on Petaluma. Partch conducting. Cassette only: Nonmembers $10.98/Members $9.98

The Music of Harry Partch HP on CD! The Bewitched (Final Scene and Epilogue), Castor and Pollux, The Letter, Windsong, And on the Seventh Day, Petals Fell in Petaluma. CD only. Nonmembers $17.98/Members $16.98

The Bewitched This 75 minute dance-satire is a recording of the first performance in 1957, and was first issued on Partch's Gate 5 label. CD only: Nonmembers $21.00/Members $18.98


Chanting the Light of Foresight Based on the Táin B_Cuailgne (The Cattle Raid of Cooley), the central story from the pre-Christian Irish Red Branch Cycle. Features the ROVA Saxophone Quartet. CD: Nonmembers $18.98/Members $16.98

Descending Moonshine Dervishes and Songs for the Ten Voices of the Two Prophets The former is an extended improvisation on electronic organ accompanied by tape delays; the latter is Riley singing his original, raga-like songs and accompanying himself on two Prophet V synthesizers LP or cassette: Nonmembers $9.98 each/Members $8.98 each NEW! Both complete recordings packaged as a double CD: Nonmembers $21.98/Members $19.98

The Harp of New Albion Double album release--a masterful solo piano work in five-limit Just Intonation. Two LPs: Nonmembers $15.98/Members $14.98; two metal cassettes: Nonmembers $16.98/Members $15.98; two CDs: Nonmembers $32.98/Members $28.98


Jody Diamond, Daniel Schmidt and the Bay Area New Gamelan Cassette only: Nonmembers $8.00/Members $7.00

The Good Sound Band

Good Sound Band '92 Recorded live in San Francisco, this JI ensemble directed by Loren Rush and Janis Mattox featured new works and collaborations with Stuart Dempster, Jon A. English, Mel Graves, Daniel Kobialka, Candace Natvig and George Marsh. Cassette (specify Dolby B or C): Nonmembers $14.00/Members $12.00 DAT: Nonmembers $18.00/Members $16.00

Seven Chakras Linda Montana and the Good Sound Band A seven movement work, each movement a meditation on one chakra. Cassette only: Nonmembers $14.00/Members $12.00

GSQ '92 Loren Rush, Mel Graves, George Marsh, and Timothy White on enhanced piano, contrabass, percussion and sitar, respectively, playing slow blues in five and seven limits. DAT only: Nonmembers $18.00/Members $16.00

Pandit Pran Nath

Ragas of Morning and Night Produced by La Monte Young and Marian Zazeela, the intonationally pure Indian mentor sings beautifully. LP or cassette: Nonmembers $14.00/Members $12.00

Kenneth Newby

Ecology of Souls Drone-based deep-listening music. CD only: Nonmembers $16.98/Members $14.98

Other Music

Prime Numbers and Incidents Out of Context The two LPs by the late S.F. based JI ensemble; the former on their custom-built JI gamelan, the latter performed on an amalgam of acoustic and electronic instruments. LPs only: Nonmembers $8.98 each/Members $7.98 each

Larry Polansky

Simple Harmonic Motion Works for acoustic instruments in Just Intonation. Includes Another You, Movement for Andrea Smith, Movement for Lou Harrison, and Horn. CD: Nonmembers $13.98/Members $11.98

The Theory of Impossible Melody This recording features collaborations with Phil Burk, Jody Diamond, Tom Erbe, Chris Mann, and William Winant. CD only: Nonmembers $17.98/Members $16.98

Robert Rich

Geometry Exploring the tensions between symmetry and organic forms. Some of Robert's most overtly mathematical work. CD: Nonmembers $18.98/Members $16.98

Propagation Rhythmic, melodic, and heavy with influences ranging from North Africa to India and Indonesia. CD: Nonmembers $18.98/Members $16.98

Yearning Robert's collaboration with sarod player Lisa Moscow (a 15-year student of Ali Akbar Kahn), a slowly evolving textural study in alap. CD: Nonmembers $18.98/Members $16.98

Numena Grounded and evocative. Enshrouded in mystery. All in Just Intonation and proud of it. LP: Nonmembers $9.98/Members $8.98; CD: Nonmembers $18.98/Members $16.98

Rainforest A polyrhythmic, electroacoustic journey into the lush green beauty of the tropical soundspace. Cassette: Nonmembers $9.98/Members $8.98; CD: Nonmembers $18.98/Members $16.98

Gaudi Inspired by the early 20th century architect Antonio Gaudi. Cassette: Nonmembers $9.98/Members $8.98; CD: Nonmembers $18.98/Members $16.98

Erling Wold

I Weep The latest release from Wold is packed with new JI compositions. One of the most interesting guys playing the JI game. CD only: Nonmembers $13.98/Members $11.98

Music of Love JI on the Synclavier and much more. Includes selections from The Islamic Republic of Las Vegas. CD only: Nonmembers $13.98/Members $11.98 _________________________________________________________________


The Just Intonation Calculator (JiCALC) Robert Rich's shareware utility for the Mac (in Hypercard) which calculates cents, ratios, DX7II and TX81Z tuning units. Now with MIDI-dump upgrade. Nonmembers $15.00/Members $10.00


Book of Shadows A video ballet by Janis Mattox featuring a stunning JI score. 25 minutes, VHS Stereo HIFI only. Nonmembers $28.00/Members $25.00

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