EAR (Magazine of New Music) Volume 12 Number 9, December/January 1988 Copyright 1987 by Ear, Inc. EAR Magazine, 325 Spring Street Rm 208, New York, NY 10012 (212) 807-7944 ISSN:07342128 periodical

-page 9- review from THE CASSETTE CONSPIRACY by Robin James

Experimental Musical Instruments P.O. Box 748 Nicasio, CA 94946

From the first six issues, all of volume one, this is a collection of sounds made by the instruments described in the magazine. Glass instruments, Ellen Fullman's long string instrument, odd and original flutes played by Susan Rawcliffe, Tom Nunn^* improvising on the Varion, a rousing tune played on a car-horn organ, "Harps in the Wind" from Ron Konzak, Pierre-Jean Croset performing "Danse Des Magiciens" on the lyra, Robert Ruttman playing steel cello, Bart Hopkin^* doing "Disorderly Tumbling Forth," a crustacean solo and exotic ocarina melodies. Altogether a very rare and valuable collection for the right ears. There are so many ways to approach making sound; this has lots of ideas and unique things to hear. -page 9-

^* n. cal. artists