as of 5dec96 from blue notebook 1807w more info needed

world ear project KPFA Susan Stone has tapes

M. McClure roars at lion lion roars back

Cellar M release of the dove

Cellar M at Cats Paw surplus walkie-talkie patched into sound system in one of their pieces they would broadcast their sound and then listen to some cop or military type demanding they immediately get off that special frequency

Atchley Azarm Reinbolt broadcast live from Mills to S. Keys show on KPFA

Quinns electronics by the Oakland airport

Tom Z intervention at alden jenks's vegetable chopping piece he jumped on stage and cried out "those plants have feelings just like we do!" the performers chopped the cabbages and carrots even more furiously everyone thought it was just part of the piece

Hi-Fi Living w/ Babs Bendex on KPFA

B. Goldens ambient theater pieces

Kuivila rebuilds the circuit piece

Rae Immamura plays Lue Harrisons JI hot-rodded single string tack piano at Arch

Phil McKennas biplane piece Jennet McDonald Eddie Arnold record one on ground one in plane singing duet plane in tight pattern in spotlight At the Music With Roots in the Aether festival at Mills early 70s Oakland police checked it out because they had multiple Ufo reports

The Scientists 1st live computer generated video valencia tool and die concert 79 or 80 ?

Shaw/Pusina synth

Glen Glassow kpfa mus dir prof at hayward webern type mus

New and Unusual Music series

Syble Glebow herd of cellos piece at beach in Santa Cruz

Bernie Krause nature music Humphery the whale

Bart Hopkins Kelp instruments concert at mills

jeron laniers music lang on commodore 64

MASC language Dan Kelly and Allen Strange

Banana fish mag semore glass

Krause and george harrison "electronic sound" moog lp supposedly harrison said "you can trust me i'm a Beatle" but he didn't understand the important concept of the "patch" and krause had to fight to get his name on the album


4th of July 1976 fireworks all shot off at once in fogbank at alcatraz island highly lurid red glow followed by rolling thunder

Belson film Allures has vortex soundtrack

walkmanology chris hardman

olive oils improv place

Larry Shaws Geiger counter cosmic ray piece used as trigger in synth patch

Doug Khan undercutting reagan cut up in raw mag also nondescript TV latenight talk show rearranged leaving it still nondescript but with a subtile surreal cast to it

peter todd neural net melodies at stanford

Moods for Misty Evening lp 15 cal artists put out by Kris force is a very noisy place indeed I and II tape compilations put out by dAS on sound of pig

jim june low flying aircraft 1990

john reiger live realtime alternative soundtrack and dialog to Miami Vice tv show on kpfa

richard freedman mixing stockhousen in early 70s on kpfa

barry schwartz tesla coil piece

richard freeman music for films

rich gold 1st chaos theory piece ever mid 70s

phil edelstien builds mixer for buchla 100 at ccm

p20 stockhousen nov 66 april 67 Sausalito davis "Projection" members of g dead attend lectures work w/ choreographer Jay Marks collab called "Project X"

t gnazzo live realtime reading pusinas computer poetry

yamaha sue buchla over fm ?

paul robinson rich gold installation at langton st perry comos dream

Buchla rosenboom work on touche

Smoke atchley

Swamp Festival

lucasfilm andy moore

p24 visible music theorist at davis

Jack Krieger used moon as echo at inauguration of stanford radio telescope

Mark Palmer lindenmeyer piece

jay cloidt zeta violin piece for kronos

lou harrison arions leap

cherry lane pushing pianos through hole life mag ?

joel ryan blue gene collab piece the intermediary 1992 82

Emoo systems santa clara

vein cage

p28 tim perkis modified casio w/pitch follower on record w/ hawly holly currans

children in tree amplified singing about birdies singing in a tree in berkeley park w/ ocean sound tape and synth

casio memorial concert in golden gate park when "mr casio" died heard about on cathy ketmans show ask alan herrick musicians brought battery powered portable casio instruments a free music jam

chris forster made partch-like ji instrument a wheel did walt whitman text on concert w/ d mitchels partch concert in marin in 70s

p30 M.E.A.L in the woods put out out of control campfire w/ bottled perrir water 81or2 oakland hills music electronic acoustic live ken atchley brian ben azarm jay? barb

cowell recorded lectures on world music played on kpfa 70s

phil harmonic thesis concert

steeplesnakes grux brandan kearney s glass see butrag 8 p115

piece in store window in sf virginia quesada?

chris marr real-time composing w/ orchestra theses m payne objections

richard freedman buchla piece at live oak park gallery also p kalback painting

marching drummers each w/ own tempo and rhythem at berkeley 20th earthday everyone in berkeley marches to a different drummer these were the different drummers

mark reams soundtrack to the smell of guilt play

Erve Denman raven retrograde costume instrument 555 timers driving a sheet of beaten steel mounted on a post slides of ocean waves

HMSL band may 9 88 played at mills phil burk robt marsoni steve curtin

j bischoff fries fish highly amplified to score of cages fontana mix

2nd cage fest punk grung version wailing away on the cactus and smashing it during cartrage music

tom z slippery dance great tape lost

room that resonated w/ music in berkeley

p37 norman henry 11 limit harpsichord Henry, Norman A Justly-Tuned Harpsichord Volume 1, Number 4, p.7

vangie king dance at tennis court in albany wild parrots fly over

Don Cardoza built a giant 10 ft mobile sculpture made of wire and glass he played the tambura? and sang while sitting under it the audience was on edge because it looked like it might fall on him at mills t riley student

kathy morton electric train thesis concert

"noise nacht" series at ata ?

MEAL at embarcadero center speakers on railings nma81

tim and john play at jetwave on market st audience all came in at once because 2 guys in leather jackets stood in front of the door and beat on each other w/ chains keeping every one out until they quit

Kuivela ultrasound through flame at blind lemon

kuivela laws of form piece

wong sisters

p44 tom z and richard loengard? to Hollywood secret life of plants

george manupelli piece hammering nails

nick bertoni installation at blind lemon traffic detector triggers pulse in loudspeaker that tosses coins

perkis day etc and chaos people sing harrison ji piece

john dinwiddy * lense on piano strings

t gnazzo piece in wheelchair in frog peak anthology

phil harmonic fluffy says w/ speech synthesis on vic20

p47 samson box 78-91

gordon mumma backpack telemetry piece w/ performers running

gordon mumma music w/ inflatable sculpture and novelist tom robbins reading

* mumma harpsichord tuning pieces

t riely music w/ balls movie

Maraldo soundtrack to movie X

time travel opera put on by improv crew heglin bob davis etc

* charles mcdermott

legetti has piece "san francisco polyphony" at stanford

stuart dempster digeredoo in 60s or 70s

chet woods Mongolian throat overtone singing in 70s

john adams electro vodoo cd

paul dresher builds partch style glass instrument

john bischoff piece for household appliances at live oak park "lets have a party"

bob ashley political piece bunting paul d marconi blue gene g washington mimi betsy ross

lunetta concert at mills in 70s

t. r. uthco doug hall

jim mckee was champion hang glider pilot

1972 sun ra visits ccm tom z showed him buchla scot g-l was there

gnazzo ice cream tape collage

rick zappa fanfare for the executive purchasing agents of America

vacumn tree head fr/ n. east bay cd 1993

two tone chicken pumpkin head mix on hellfire club kfjc

beaver and kraus nonesuch guide to electronic music 3 box set moog synth

subotnick play 1 music theater piece serial music w/ slapstick no electronics at tape center scored indirection of action by musicians

60s lp w/ picture of gongs made from cut off tanks

arney lazarus founded frap instrument microphone company contact miked the golden gate bridge played over kpfa radio

john draper captain crunch called kpfa on the air from phone booth in Palo Alto he routed the call around the world several times using the satellite communication system the piece: when he hung up there was a long series of clicks and tones as the whole system went into its hang-up procedure

paul d tastes waveforms sine saw sq etc

hi stranger welcome to city hall Donald Day Milton Komisar Stephen Wilson sept 1988

negativland at on broadway playing tape recorders behind floor to ceiling mr magoo 1982+- on bill w/ name negativland mercury monarch show 83 gave away a car costume changes negativland the last supper show kids dressed as toast negativland Vis Club solo show mark had slideshow of family w/ mom narrating

new dada festival at omega salvage on san pablo ave berk 70s

p77 herbert the bird nick bertoni trained herbert to stand on one microphone of a stereo pair abt 7 feet apart and to fly to the other one spectacular recording

p86 bud hassink 70s in berkeley mirrors directed moon light on record head of tape recorder he listened for "goose bump sections" in music part of orfs carmina burina recorded 100s of times on top of each other bud said listen to this; you can hear them singing "get down on you knees and take a psychedelic" it was true, almost everyone could hear it

heavenly ten stems group paint throwing scandal

Overreaction all woman group

the philosophers group music punctuated by abstract proclamations tom djll ron heglin hilary ____ doug carroll

triple glove concert at olives they found special geometry to minimize ultrasonic interference mark trayle marsanyi and ?

the muse and the fuse group amy radunskya don buchla

blood cement group san jose tapes abstract guitar

free baseing the nerve piece brian reinbolt and ken atchley (MEAL) dressed in aluminum foil holding bic cigarette lighters w/ huge flames ben azarm sitting down holding up legs till muscles spasms playing bass guitar w/ sticks taped to his legs 81 or 82 ed mocks studio

robt marsanyi dsp genetic algorithm w/ am radio input algorithm rewriting piece

marsanyi download a.p. wire fr/ net put through "travesty" poetry processing algo later at concert played text through speech synthesizer

karma moffett beautiful new age music w/ gongs and bells has gallery in sf does wish bestowing ceremony

ghost opera became sufi choir ? W.A. Mathieu and others

Sarah Drew "infinite personality complex" cassette w/ booklet music as language of synthetic experience as cultural virus

139 early piece by b golden for cello and marimba based on lines drawn between moles on her arm criticized as being too sweet