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CREAM Director Allen Strange is enjoying a well-deserved sabbatical during the Fall 1995 semester. Rumor has it that he is composing at a wild pace.

Brian Belet is continuing his research in the area of real-time software synthesis using the Center's new Kyma system, which was installed during this past summer. He is teaching a course in Digital Synthesis introducing upper-division students to this system, its capabilities, and the Smalltalk programming environment.

He is continuing his work with Dr. William Walker (Apple Computer, Inc.) in the area of real-time performance computer improvisation using Walker's ImprovisationBuilder. They are collaborating on a new composition for two Disklaviers and two computers, each running ImprovisationBuilder, which will be premiered on the SJSU American Music Week"Electro-Acoustic Concert", November 9, in the SJSU Concert Hall.

Pablo Furman is producing the SJSU American Music Week "Electro-Acoustic Concert", and continuing his work in electro-acoustic composition. He is teaching the Electro-Acoustics course this semester.

selections from SJSU Music Events Calendar

Thursday, November 9 - 7:30 p.m. Concert Hall

Electro-Acoustic Concert "American Music Week"

The San Jose State University Electro-Acoustic Music Program will present an evening of new works showcasing current and innovative techniques of computer control and interaction for the performer and computer. Cross-town Traffic, a collaborative work by Brian Belet (SJSU) and William Walker (Apple Computer, Inc.) for two simultaneously controlled Disklaviers in a data feedback process using Walker's real-time algorithmic composition program ImprovisationBuilder (world premiere). Triptych for live performer &MIDI synthesizers by Antonio Barata (Cal Poly State Univ., San Luis Obispo); Phoenix and the Harlequin, for electronic sounds on tape by Allen Strange (SJSU); Howard Johnson/Affirmative, for electronic sounds on tape by Joshua Freid, and Heads over Heels, an interactive composition for MIDI keyboard and computer by Richard Festinger (San Francisco State University). $7 General, $3 Student/Senior

Saturday, November 11 - 11:30 p.m. Concert Hall

Gas Chamber Orchestra Concert

A night-long, mixed media, improvisatory free-for-all with no rules whatsoever.

Monday, November 13 - 7:30 p.m. Room 150


San Francisco based contemporary quartet performing original music by Belet and McManus, as well as transcriptions by Bach, Stravinsky, de Vitry, and Garcia. Cheryl Keller, soprano and synthesizer; Brian Belet (SJSU), viola, synthesizer, and electric guitar; Jim McManus, electric guitar and bass; Don Baker, percussion and synthesizer. $5 General, $3 Student/Seniors