EAR, Volume 6 No. 2, March-April 1978, Co-Editors: Bob Davis & Valerie Samson, Distribution: UBU Inc. 517 Cortland St, San Francisco CA 94110. Typed by Barbara Golden, Nov. 29, 1994 360w


Perhaps this entire Artist-in-community Program can be seen in miniature in the lecture/demonstration held at Pangaea October 23, 1977, called Noise Music. The three performers were Chris Brown, Darrell DeVore and Ed Drake. About ten people were in the audience, including artists and musicians familiar with this style, such as Frank Hanny who played bass in another of the lecture demonstrations, and Bill Gaglione of the Bay Area Dadaists.

Half of the audience, however, was made up of individuals visiting from Monterey who had never been exposed to music like this before, having only seen the event mentioned in the newspaper. A couple of really good concepts came out of the post-performance discussion with these people who had never heard this type of music before. One person said, 'It all has to do with intent. We came here as an audience to listen to noise music, and that's what we heard, people making music out of noise'. And Darrell came in with the idea that what we were doing wasn't noise at all, maybe it had some noise elements, but it was not really noise.

I don't know that any conclusions were reached, but one of the last things that anyone said was, "No matter what the material the musicians use, they are musicians and by nature create music by responding to one another and by getting into common sounds, common breathing". And I think that's a very astute thing to hear from someone on their first exposure to this music."

-------BOB DAVIS

Noise Music will perform live on Cable Access Channel 25 in San Francisco on Wednesday March 15 at 8:30 pm, as part of a Video Series being produced by Ubu, Incorporated.

A lecture/demonstration on Graphic Scores will take place at Pangaea on Friday, March 17. Another on Electronics is planned for Friday, April 7.

Also at Pangaea, Saturday, April 29th, the Performing Arts Workshop presents it own delectable show. --------------Ed.