Art in the San Francisco Bay Area, 1945-80. by Thomas Albright University of California Press, Copyright 1985. typed 1july1996 175w

James Pomeroy (1945-), sculptor. Born in Pennsylvania; attended the University of Texas (BFA 1968) and U.C. Berkeley (MA 1970, MFA 1972). His sculpture of the early 1970s--most often temporary installation pieces-- took the form of skeletal structures constructed of common building materials: one enclosure, of metal beams, was fitted with the innards of a dozen or more music boxes programmed to play the same tune at different speeds, in a musical round that enveloped the viewer. In the late 1970s he moved to works that emphasized the use of rubber stamp marks gathered in complex grids and intricate moire patterns from which elusive images emerged. His most ambitious work of this kind was a monumental version of the four presidential heads carved on Mount Rushmore. It was part of a larger work that included a collection of souvenirs and relics associated with the site, and essay on its historical, sociological and personal implications. p. 305.