EAR, vol. 6, No. 1, Jan-Feb 1978, 306 Fairoaks, No. 4, San Francisco CA 94110. Typed by Barbara Golden, Nov. 29, 1994. 268w

EAR is compiling a list of regularly rehearsing groups and willing individuals who have consented to read through new compositions for composers. Here are the first of the generous musicians we have reached. Composers should arrange appointments with the groups__please don't ask EAR to make your arrangements for you! If you know of any other groups willing to offer their services in this manner, please drop us a card with their names and telephone number.

Beeson, Colgan, Gibson and Loy, classical guitar quartet: Jim Colgan: 655-9178

Frank French, pianist: Pangaea Center for the Arts: 234-5624

Chris Brown, pianist: Pangaea, 285-3331

Rae Imamura, pianist; East Bay Center for the Arts; 234-5624

Paul Fink, piano and percussion: 326-5596

Keith Rasking, trumpet: 282-5705

Phoenix Spring Ensemble, western and chinese music (7 members: piano, violin, bass, flute, guitar, some percussion; sheng, cheng, chinese violin, chinese banjos, butterfly harp, percussion): Betty and Shirley Wong, 285-0659

Saxophone Ensemble, 5 players on flutes, and saxes and clarinets of all ranges: Larry Ochs, 548-1817

Jewish Community Center Ensemble (SF), 4 flutes, string quartet, string bass, french horn, piano and conductor: John Francischina, 346-6040

The Arch Ensemble, It is requested that works submitted use at least eight of the group's players, and not more than two extra players beyond its normal instrumentation. Please advise whether parts are currently available should the Ensemble wish to give the work a perusal reading. Send to the Arch Ensemble, 1750 Arch Street, Berkeley, Ca., 94709. p. 1