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-page 80- Jacqueline Humbert and David Rosenboom "Daytime Viewing" February 14, 1981

Daytime Viewing is an extended, narrative song based on the real and imagined self-projections of a central female character. It explores the use of fantasy as a survival mechanism against loneliness and the human compulsion to inflate the mundane to mythological proportions. The subject matter is inspired by analysis of daytime television dramas in America and the audience phenomena such communication-age programming addresses. These are unique in that they provide, for a vast population of isolated women, reliable electronic "friends", an hour a day, five days a week.

As in television programming, constantly shifting points of view and mood are presented, moment by moment, breaking any intense involvement with story, violence and fantasy. The character uses TV as friend, as mantra, and as transformational window between the fantastic and the real. This fills a gap created by lack of human contact. We used to learn our lessons first hand. Now we gather them electronically. Daytime Viewing comments on this situation, through story (objective) and song (subjective), embedded in a rich electronic musical texture, created with computer-aided instruments, with accompanying projected and electronic imagery.

-J.H. & D.R. -page 80-

-page 89- YURA ADAMS "I-O-Wah" (beautiful land) March 20, 1981

The fact that we can now be musicians without spending hours at the keyboard interests me. Performance offers the opportunity to use the medium (electronics) that is, and to continue to do backyard shows. "I-O-Wah" (beautiful land) reflects both my curiosity with futuristic formats and my desire to mine autobiographical material. Guess that's why I wrote this song ......

"I've got Switch Fever cuz I'm a Tech Diva." "Islands in space really aren't that far ....... "They're perfect modern stations, complete with bar ....."

-Yura Adams-

["Switch Fever" refers to a special futuristic looking proto V.R. glove (shown being worn by Yura in the photograph next to hertext) that has several electrical on-off switches sewn into it. As she moves and flexes her hand she uses these switches to operate musical electronic circuits (ie modified "stomp boxes"). "Islands in space" refers to Prof. Gerald O'Neil'sL5 space colony schemes. -jim horton may 17 1995] -page 89-

--page 95- Bill Fontana Music April 11, 1981

This concert included two performances that explored the sculptural qualities of vibrating sound sources.

WAVE SPIRAL for bowl shaped Japanese temple bells created a hypnotic and pulsating sound texture out of layerings of a sound which is continuously out of phase with itself.

MOTION THROUGH SPACE AS A WAY OF CHANGING PITCH explored the harmonically complex sound field of a 15 foot long aluminum rod. One performer played a continuously rhythmic pulse on the suspended rod while other performers moved handheld microphones through the sound field of the vibrating rod.

Ed. (Renny Pritikin) -page 95-

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