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1968-1990: One Foot in the Grave 2CD only (Touch TO:13) 156 minutes

This comprehensive compilation of Z'ev's work is intended to define his place as one of the most important sound artists of the last two or three decades. It certainly ought to achieve that. If nothing else, it'll dispel whatever preconceptions those only familiar with narrow aspects of his work may have. As well as 2 very full CDs, this package includes a CD-sized 124-page booklet, containing interviews, photos, discography, recording information, conversations, compositions and other writings. It's extremely well designed, and an informative survey of the ideas regarding communication, energy and evocation that recur throughout Z'ev's work.

The music itself ranges from experimental vocal manipulations, using tapes and high distortion, or multiple layering, through extreme versions of rock as part of the group Cellar M, to the brightly hued metal bashing of early 80s performances.

... for many of Z'Ev's performances the visual information, in terms of his movement on stage, was as important as the sound, and with only the latter reproduced here it can get a bit meaningless. There are certainly several brilliant moments, including Metal Bizondere Plastik, with clear chiming, reverberating metallic rhythms, and the manic metal energy of Beautiful Music. The appeal is mostly in the range of sound textures created, frequently metallic or otherwise percussive, and at times entrancing. If you want the definitive Z'ev then this is it ... [Available from Touch]