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PGR discography

"Time/Amnesia" - The first release by PGR. The original members bang, scrape, rant and rave on side one and side two contains a dark moody collage piece. Released independently in the fall of '84. Out of print. "Eight Heads of Cats Forming an Octave" - A cassette of a live performance of PGR when they opened for Hunting Lodge at the Graffiti in San Francisco on November 18 1984. Out of print.

"Revolution of Everyday Life" - A live recording from the 16th Note on December 18 1984. Readings from the book of the same title by Raoul Vaneigem, over an electronic score. Out of print.

"Silence" - PGR's first independent LP release in 1985. More collage work and an ambient piece with metal percussion and flutes. Out ofprint.

"Mirage De America" - A 10 minute piece on the "God Bless America" , a three LP box set compilation released by RRR in 1985. This piece is a prototype of the later experiments using the process of "accidental Imbrication".

"Remembrance" - A piece from the first PGR LP "Silence" released on Audio ARM Volume 3/#7 in the spring of 1985.

"The Flickering of Sowing Time" - PGR's second LP released on RRR in 1986. Second vinyl release, further explorations into ambient sound-track music and a piece using the process of "extraction". Banned by Rough Trade because of the sexist front cover. Out of print.

"Concentration of Light Prior to Combustion" - a split cassette release with PGR and Thessalonians. Comes in an attractive tar paper pouch decorated with multicolored aquarium gravel. Released on Banned Productions in 1986. Still available.

"Remembrance" - a track for the CIA Records cassette compilation: "The Dog Who Wouldn't Die".

"Gordon Matta Clark" - An electronic music piece for the X-Kurzhen cassette compilation: "The Real Poison".

"Kingdoms of the Sun" - A previously unreleased PGR soundtrack from the video of the same title by Reyvision. Specially remixed by Brook Hinton and AMK for the Banned Productions compilation: "Out of Context".

"Angel of Chaos/Demon of Order" - A track of early works (pre-PGR) by Kim Cascone of improvised electro-acoustic music. Released on cassette with Unsound Magazines final issue December of 1987.

"This World is Like a Buzzsaw" - Another old track from early pre-PGR days. Experimentation with prepared guitar, drum machine, found percussion, radio, music boxes and exotic instruments. Released on Zamizdat Tapes early 1988.

"Flatland" - A release on Banned Productions. This tape is a collaborative effort between PGR, AMK, and Andrew Moore. The pieces range from Celtic to gamelan atmospheres. Released in January of 1988.

"Setting Free" - A piece for a Japanese compilation on 666 Tapes. This piece was a collaboration between Kim Cascone and Erik Miller, the guitar player for the Steel Toes. Released in the winter of 1987.

"Cyclone Inhabited by Immobility" - An LP for the French label Permis de Construire. Ambient, musique concret and a remake of an early piece called "Time". Released in January of 1989.

"Imbrication 2 (an investigation into documenting chance systems)" - A cassette project for the Angakok label in Japan. A special imbricated remix of the PGR/Thessalonians LP "The Black Field". Release date unknown as of this writing. Recent reports indicate that it has been released for some time without the artist receiving any payment.

"This World is Like a Buzzsaw" - Another version of this track for the Conconadindina compilation on 3trio Recordings in Belgium. "Born Tying Knots" - A track for an upcoming compilation called Electric Chaos Theory on Subterranean Records. This piece was composed entirely on an EPS sampler using heavily modified samples. Release date unknown.

"Brahms Map" - A piece composed for a compilation on Schimpfluch Records, Z_rich, Switzerland, from 'raw material' supplied by the label. Release scheduled for late 1990.

"The Garden of Empty" - A piece composed for the Polish compilation "Balance". Release date unknown of this writing.

"The Black Field" - LP release of improvisational pieces with Thessalonians on Silent Records. Released in October of 1989.

"Briny Diseases of Aimless Gas" - A track for a CD compilation on UPD Organization, Japan entitled 'Constructive Music 1990'. Other artists include Asmus Tietchens, Etant Donnes and Dissecting Table. Release date: spring of 1990.

"When A Star Replaces an Island" - A piece for a compilation on Interzone Music, Sweden that was composed in NYC in 1982. Very electronic sounding, using FM techniques on an Aries Analog Synthesizer. Release date: Unknown.

"Euphoria, Order and Chaos" - Two pieces that were recorded in Dec of 1983. Very atmospheric and improvisational, owing a lot to AMM. Release date: Feb 1990.

"The Spring of Ruined Days" - A track for a 7" EP included with the second issue of H23 Magazine. It is an early experiment in dark, murky textures. Release date: May 1990. "Fetish" - A split CD release: PGR and Arcane Device on Silent Records. Release date: September 1990.

"Invisible Cities" - A piece for the compilation on Livevil Compact Discs. Very sparse and reverberant textures; sounds from the secret cracks in the world. Due out 1991.

"A Hole Of Unknown Depth" - A CD for the Noctovision label in Japan. An experiment in reducing the amount of information contained in PGR's audio content so that the listener can participate in the production of meaning. Hyperminimal Ambiences. Release date July 95.

"Floods & Chair" Dry Lungs V compliation currated by Paul Lemos. A pulsating symphony of sound. Due out 1992.

"Eight Corners Of The Horizon" - A new extraction piece for Cold Drill Records compliation of one minute minatures. Released June 1991.

"Grav" - A collaborative LP between Merzbow, Asmus Tietchens, and PGR for Silent Records. Release scheduled for September 1991.

"Requiem" - A piece for the compilation The Eye Decay Theory Or When The Garden Becomes A Time Lapse on Johnny Blue Smokes Presbycusis, Portugal. Due out in July 1991.

"Absolute Equinox" - A piece by PGR/Thessalonians for the compilation Altered States of Consciousness on UPD Organization, Japan. Due out in September 1991.

"Dust Cycles" - A special PGR mix of processed test tones for an upcoming Big City Orchestra CD on Pogus Productions, USA. Other tracks will be mixed by Monte Cazzazza, John Duncan and other notable composers. Due out Fall of 1992.

"The Chemical Bride" - The first full length CD by PGR. A trip into the haunting netherworld of the RF ocean...full of dark textures and glints of halogen light. Due out May 1992.

"The Pythagorean Sea" - This track was a work in progress that was also a template for a full length CD of the same name that never materialized. This track was included on

"The Morning Book of Serpents Silent Records. Release date: July 95

"7 Lightyears From Divinity" - collaboration by Phauss & PGR for "From Here To Tranquility - The Silent Channel" compilation on Silent Records. Release date Jan 96.