UNSOUND 1986(?) last issue copyright 528w

INTRODUCTION Even with so-called open minded individuals it is easy for them to dismiss work that does not fit their preconceptions. We want our expectations to be satisfied. Although claiming insight, we continue to worship stars, creating a mock-popular culture, cancelling out any hope of fresh ideas. We imprison ourselves in a room that we call 'new' - it becomes a haven, and a substitution, a safe place where thinking is not mandatory. Every movement (or generation thereof) has its peaks and valleys - and history closes in, capturing only bits and elements.

The irony is that only the surface is scratched, acknowledging the most apparent and 'popular'. With obscure and difficult music/art the circles of communication are small, growth is limited past a certain point - otherwise extremely collectible.

We attempted with Unsound to create a positive force, trying to uncover particular aspect of contemporary culture. We decided to stop publishing, partially because of our own negativity toward 'la scene', and how it is an inbred pretension. We began Unsound because of our frustration with the lack of a support system, you create your own 'la scene'.

One thousand and one years later the final issue of Unsound appears - too long in waiting, slightly dated in information and style, but out nonetheless. We did not just want to fold - fold away in a grave with all the other dead mags. This is the last, not due to financial constraints or to the lack of information to delve into, to reveal .... but for reasons of change .... evolution of thought and reason. We do not wish to preserve the past.

To discuss the basic intentions once again: Unsound was established as avenue for artists, groups and organizations, working within areas where promotional/exposure outlets were limited, or as in most cases, non-existent. Many times we subtly combined diverse cross-sections within thematic guidelines. 'Dry' is an inappropriate term to describe Unsound, there has been blatant humor through-out. Instead of 'shaping' the selected features, they were straight forward, usually allowing the artists to have 'say' over their presentation. Although few of the features were extensive in length, they were designed to capture elements, to intrigue the reader.

Unsound has been categorized most often as a music magazine/a leading 'industrial' (cheese ?) magazine. We documented groups, artists and organizations who merged many different mediums. If one was to look back at how the features were formatted, one would notice each utilized numerous modes of presentation. If we were to be introspective, which we are not willing to do at this time, we'd recognize the naive mistakes, the prediction, polite gestures, innocent jargonism, etc., as well as all of the 'achievements' that were put forth - intentional or not.

We have tried to aide in generating a support system, producing an interesting magazine that filled a gap. At a certain point we need to get something out of the system, which at this point has mostly given us headaches. Finding ourselves wanting to be acknowledged for 'a personal achievement' is natural, but that's not how the cookie crumbles ....


typed by Cheryl Vega 6-29-95