RESearch Issue #6/7 INDUSTRIAL CULTURE HANDBOOK. RE/SEARCH PUBLICATIONS, 20 Romolo #B, San Francisco, CA 94133 (415)362-1465. Copyright 1983 by RE/SEARCH & respective contributors. Publishers & Editors: V. Vale, Andrea Juno. 565w


The most underground artist in this handbook is Monte Cazazza from San Francisco. His notoriety stems from an erratic history of insanity-outbreaks thinly disguised as art events, beginning in the early 1970s through the present future. Along with disrupting the Bay Area 'Dadaist scene' and ridiculing the 'Correspondence Art' network...

Mr. Cazazza's work has given a new and deeper forensic significance to the term 'hardcore.' The 'worst' human impulses, desires and behavior as documented by history and science are examined with an optically precise scrutiny... p. 71


In 1977 Monte entered the studios of Industrial Records to record 'Plastic Surgery,' 'Busted Kneecaps,' 'Fistfuckers of America', 'Hate," and "To Mom on Mother's Day." His first 45 is out of print. A film was made with "Throbbing Gristle" where Monte and a 14-year-old were electrocuted. He plays also in the film "Decadence" of Kerry Colonna with razor blades.


TO MOM ON MOTHER'S DAY (45, Industrial Records, IR 005, 1979)

SOMETHING FOR NOBODY (EP, Industrial Records, IR 0010, 1980)

MONTE CAZAZZA LIVE (C60 cassette, Industrial Records, IRC 28, 1980)

CALIFORNIA BABYLON (LP, in collaboration with "Factrix"; $8 from Subterranean Records, 577 Valencia, San Francisco CA 94110; Sub 26, 1982)

STAIRWAY TO HELL (SS 45-007, special package with 45, $12 from Sordide Sentimental, B.P. 534, 76005 Rouen Cedex, France; 1982)


Videotape of performances at the SCALA CINEMA and Live at OUNDLE SCHOOL (write Industrial Records, 10 Martello St, London E. 8, England)

NIGHT OF THE SUCCUBUS (write Box 977, Berkeley CA 94701; produced in collaboration with "Factrix", 1981)


Large display titled "Defend Yourself" featured board with knives stuck in it (free for the taking). Mannikins dressed as winos and bag people left in alleys with hidden cheap cassette recorders playing tape loops of screams and ranting and raving. Spring 1972. Oakland, CA USA.

FUTURIST SINTESI. Galeria 591. Sex-religious show; giant statue of Jesus got chain sawed and gang-raped into oblivion. Dec. 21, 1975. San Francisco, CA, USA.

RADIO AD TV ASSEMBLAGE AND DANCE. Shattuck Ave Studios. Giant wall construction of televisions and radios playing for 3 days (& nights) straight. June 25, 1976. Berkeley, CA, USA.

MANIC MOVEMENT. Collaboration with Kimberly Rae. Berkeley Square. Kim tied up on spring-mounted platform; Monte appears squirming on floor in black body bag, cuts self out, cuts Kim loose, then destroys toys and props with hatchet to loud Romper Room record. Ended in fire. Jan 30, 1981. Berkeley CA USA.


KEZAR PAVILION Performance spectacular with "Mark Pauline" and "Factrix". First time working with "Mark". War machines; spinning swastika with Monte inside; Scott & Beth B. films; also showing of "Behind The Iron Curtain" by Monte. Dec 6, 1980. San Francisco, CA USA.

BERKELEY SQUARE. Guest appearance with "Factrix". All music, more sedate show. Dec. 12, 1980. Berkeley, CA

ED MOCK DANCE STUDIO. "Night of the Succubus" in collaboration with "Factrix". Films, slides, organic robots, dance by Kimberly Rae, dart gun used for the first time by Monte, electro-shock, dental surgery on dead animal-machine. Member of audience angrily attacked 'robot' with chair, shouting that it wasn't 'erotic'. Video available. June 6, 1981. San Francisco. CA USA. p. 80