BREAK GLASS IN CASE OF FIRE The Anthology From The Center For Contemporary Music Edited by Bob Davis with Rich Gold Published by The Center for Contemporary Music Cover Concept: William Farley Cover Photo: Pat Kelley (c) 1978 by The Center for Contemporary Music for the Authors 211w

Ron Kuivila

NOTES Performance Pieces

Quartet: Four performers are guided into a particular musical/social ensemble by the electronic instrument they are playing.

Comparing habits: Circuits create a field within which movement is translated to sound. An oscillating fan disturbs mylar hanging in the field, providing an environment and continuity for performance. Different understandings of the circuits and their use are explored through speech and action.

Grad: As I talk, a computer repeats some of my words at the pitch of my voice but one hundred times more slowly. This voice, as it rises and falls, alternately masks and accompanies my own.

Chameleons: Electronic sounds assume the timbral color of their surroundings.

Tape piece: A tape recorder marks the distinction between a sound as itself and a sound as a sign.

Musical candy: Fifteen music boxes rest on the strings of a piano. As they play, they ring harmonics of some strings and drive others in non-resonant modes.

Typed by Cheryl Vega 8-8-95