EAR: Volume 6 No. 6 November-December 1978. 1366w

Blind Lemon/New Works 2362 San Pablo, Berkeley May 6, 1978-Nov 30, 1978. so nice while it lasted...

WORKSHOPS: Beginning Wednesday, June 7 and continuing weekly from 7:30-10:00 pm. Ran Sliter will be hosting 'SOUNDOFF' an open informal expression of sound and movement. Requested donation $1.00.


May 20, 1978. The Blind Lemon/New Works House Band: Erv Denman, Kay Sato, Jim Guzzeta

May 21, 1978. Bob (Gonzo) Gonsalves doing new works for video and microcomputer.

May 27, 1978. Don Cardoza and Friends. 10:00 pm. "All Night Glide/ the 5 Elements" cyclic musics.

May 28, 1978. Elastic Ensemble. Music for New and Traditional Instruments. Frank French, Ron Heglin, Kay Sato, Tim Lambert, Kevin Lambert.

June 3, 1978. "Blue" Gene Tyranny. hot from a whirlwind tour with Carla Bley and his new album "Out of the Blue" on Lovely Music Records.

June 4, 1978. Sam Ashley. a world premiere performance by one of the Bay Area's practising shamans.

June 10, 1978. Paul DeMarinis. new electronic pieces for voice, computer, and synthesizers.

June 11, 1978. Ampersand. Nicholas Collins and Ron Kuivila. silent sounds and society make music.

June 17, 1978. Jan Pusina. taped and live electronics compositions.

June 18, 1978. Ron Heglin. pieces for trombone and voice with Dalene Drake and Jim Guzzetta.

June 24, 1978. BL/NW hosts a benefit for their sister space across the Bay. Pangaea musicians Frank French, Ed Drake, Bob Davis, Loren Means, Henry Kaiser, present a concert of composed and improvised music. June 25, 1978. The Blind Lemon /New Works House Band.

Erv Denman, Kay Sato, Jim Guzzetta.


JULY 1, 1978. SOUP ENSEMBLE. Avant garde jazz oriented composition and improvisation with Bill Fairbanks, David Slusser, Pete Anastos, Steve Himes, Chris Ackerman.

July 2, 1978. Real Time Computer Network Music. John Bischoff, Jim Horton, Rich Gold.

July 7, 1978. July Jazz at the Blind Lemon. Sahib Nichols, Jedidiah.

July 8, 1978. Water Music. Collective improvisations. Halley Adams, Richard Dworkin, Robert Haven, Teresa Herz plus guests.

July 15, 1978. G.P. Skratz. Stone Press Review Live Poetry with Darrell Gray, performance by Rosebottom, video featuring "Notes Towards an Art Rock Band and helicopter documentation of the Oakland Art Parade.

July 16, 1978. Jay Lotland. Music for Trombone and Acoustic Multivibrator with Robert Haven, Joel Taylor & guests.

July 21, 1978. July Jazz at the Blind Lemon. with Sahib Nichols and Rashu Siddik.

July 22, 1978. Frankie Mann. Bear Woogie. synthesizers, homemade electronics, electric bass.

July 23, 1978. Open Loop Ensemble. Instrumental music of Seth Adler, Thin Dang, Tom Blatt, Pam Sawyer, Kevin Tibber.

July 28, 1978. July Jazz at the Blind Lemon. with Sahib Nichols, special guest star.

July 29, 1978. Tiger Lily. Improvisational music with Kay Sato, Vicki Trent, Sybil Glebow.

July 30, 1978. Museq Transcendprovisation. Improvised music live from Tuscaloosa Alabama with Davey Williams, LaDonna Smith, Theodore Bowen.

August 4, 1978. Solo guitar performances by 5 of the most innovative "Experimental" guitarists playing today: Henry Kaiser, Chris Muir, Davey Williams, Chip Handy, Robbie Yolai.

AUGUST /SEPTEMBER CONCERTS. Sunday, August 6 - Trio Life. live from New York. Peter Kuhn, Bill Bang, Henry Warner.

Saturday August 19- Life Sounds. composed and improvised music/dance. Jim Donovan, Franchesca Borgatta, John Andrews, Ela Youbaka.

Sunday, August 20 - Sheila Booth. An evening of sound painting featuring 'MODOC' a savage requeim for the American Indian's ancient folkways.

Friday, August 25 - John Oswald and guests. live improvised music from Canada.

Saturday, August 26 - Anita Patterson. Practically a one-woman show. A union of poetry and theatre with Gerald Monroe, Bob Frank.

Sunday August 27 - Richard Garneau and Guests. North Indian Classical Music $2.50

Saturday, Sept 2 - John Grundfest - Music and Shamanism.

Sunday, Sept. 3 - White Noise. composed and improvised music live from New York. Wayne Horvitz, Carolyn Romberg, David Sewelson, Mark Miller, Robin Holcomb

Saturday, Sept. 9 - Don Oliver Scott. jazz songs and improvisation, spiritual and story music.

Sunday, Sept 10 - Bill Horvitz and Phillip Johnson. Duets and solos for guitar and saxophone.

Thursday, Sept. 12 - Poets in Concert. Wild Night: Surrealism, Dada & Punk Thom Hover, El Collie, and Da na Chadzko. Movement, music and words... and other sounds. (Plus small open reading) $1.50

Saturday, Sept 16 - Jim Guzzetta. a full/moon eclipse celebration. voice, keyboard, homemade instruments.

Sunday, Sept 17 - Loose Talk with Jenny Ferris. Steve Cohn, Carl Werder, Alec Axt

Thursday, Sept. 21 - Lombard, Davis & Drake

Friday Sept 22 - Virginia Lombard, Bob Davis, Ed Drake present punk country blues & roll theatre.

Tuesday, Sept 26 - Poets in Concert. Voices from India, America, and Upper Aba. William Ruddy--chants Indian Demonology, Indian Life; Leona Welch sings Black Gibraltar; John Yurechko talks about games and love and Tim Beneke---echoes of our common heritage in Upper Aba (or have you forgotten?) (Plus small open reading) $1.50

Saturday, Sept. 30 - Water Maiden Sees Bird Man's Song in Realms of Changing Places , sounds and slides of krysia diah d man.

October/November Concerts.

Sunday, October 1 - David LeFebvre, Susan Muscarella - improvisations on jazz and original works.

Monday, October 2 - Workshop, Ed Drake

Saturday, October 7 - Garvis GI and Band. free jazz and original compositions with Jim Jarvis, Mary Burnley, John Justice.

Tuesday, October 10 - Poets in Concert - All Manner of Art - Poet - photographer - naturalist Claire Baker speaks her lyric poetry to artful projections - M. J. Lallo sings, speaks, has slides and maybe a piano, Clive Matson appears with cellist Chris Chafe.

Saturday, October 14 - Elastic Ensemble - new music improvisation by Kay Sato, Kevin Lambert, Tim Lambert, Terry Hertz, Ron Heglin.

Sunday, October 15 - Sheila Booth. an encore concert of her dramatic electronic music featuring "MODOC' the powerful suite based on the story behind the Modoc Indian war of 1872.

Monday, October 16, Workshop - Ed Drake. Saturday, October 21 - The Avant Gardeners - original composed and improvised music with Chris Ackerman, Pete Anastos, Bill Fairbanks, Steve Himes, Dave Slusser.

Monday, October 23 - Workshop - Ed Drake

Tuesday, October 24th-Poets in Concert-So You Think You're Getting Old, Eh? Featuring Maggi Meuer-self-styled everyday poemer, Anita Patterson: inadvertent spokeswoman for the older woman; Ralph Smith: lyrical and lyric, white-haired and with strength.

Friday, October 27 - Andy Dinsmoor, G.P. Skratz-Live poetry and music Saturday, October 28- Jason Sarinus-virtuoso soprano whistler featuring operatic arias, classical song, tunes of the thirties and forties, with surprises. $2.50

Sunday, October 29 - Aaron Blumenfeld - lecture/concert. early jazz, blues, and barrelhouse piano.

Monday, October 30- Workshop - Ed Drake

Saturday, November 4 - Music for 3 Trombones. Ron Heglin, Loren Means, Austin Mitchell.

Sunday, November 5 - Jim Washington Trio - Improvisational Jazz

Monday, November 6 - Workshop - Ed Drake

Thursday, November 9 - Blind Lemon Cleans House - Music Sale

Friday, November 10 - Thurs. 5-8pm, Fri. 5-8pm, Sat. noon-5pm.

Saturday, November 11 - call 848-3644 for information

Tuesday, November 14 - Poets in Concert - Marina LaPalma

Wednesday, November 15 - George Lewis - new music for trombone and synthesizer

Thursday, November 16 - Jacques Bakaart - Two World Premieres with Rae Immamura and George Lewis

Saturday, November 18 - Life Sounds - composed and improvised music and dance - John Andrews, Francisca Borgattie, Ela Youbaki, Jim Donovan.

Sunday, November 19 - Rich Gold - presents selections from 'Georgio of the Suburbs'

Sunday, November 26 - Multi interactive computer music with Rich Gold, David Behrman, John Bischoff, Jim Horton

Thursday, November 30 - s. Jedidiah Denman - -new moon transduction sound - Out on the edge with stringed beings at crossroads: changes.

*new workshop* Ed Drake presents a 6-week series in basic theatre technique for musicians. Concentration, imagination and group improvisation aimed at blending all performing arts. Monday evenings, October 2 through November 6, 7:30 - 9:00 pm. Fee: $25 for 6 sessions.

Blind Lemon/New Works will be closing as of December, 1978. The staff would like to extend their thanks to all who helped make Blind Lemon a brief but important element of the Bay Area new music and poetry scene.

We would like to invite you to visit BL/NW's sister space in San Francisco, Pangaea Center for the Arts, 517 Cortland Street, Bernal Heights, 285-3331.