EAR, Volume 6 No. 6, November-December 1978, Editor: Bob Davis, San Francisco Typed by Barb. Golden, Dec 1 1994

CHIN HUA MUSIC has released a limited edition cassette called Floating Worlds, which features "An Arch is a Key", recorded live at the Third Annual Free Music Festival, Fort Mason Center, San Francisco, on December 17, 1977. This realization features the Future Primitive Ensemble, Real* Electric Symphony, Xperimental Chorus and Moire Pulse -- a combined ensemble of over twenty musicians. The score to "An Arch is a Key" was published in EAR Volume 6, Number 1, January/February, 1978.

Solo music for the "cheng", the 16-string Chinese harp, is featured on the other side of this new release. Composer David Simons wrote and performed this selection.

Floating Worlds is available for $5.00/cassette. For more information write CHIN HUA MUSIC, 2503 24th St., San Francisco, CA 94110 p.3