EAR, vol. 6, No. 1, Jan-Feb 1978, 306 Fairoaks, No. 4, San Francisco CA 94110. Typed by Barbara Golden, Nov. 29, 1994.

Arch Ensemble

After five years of producing over 100 concerts annually, 1750 Arch Concerts has formed the 15 piece "Arch Ensemble" to present performances of new instrumental/electronic music. Under the joint musical directorship of Bob Hughes and Tom Buckner, conducted by Bob Hughes, the ensemble is comprised of outstanding Bay Area musicians: Angela Koregelos, flute; Robin May, oboe; Larry London, clarinet; Greg Barber, bassoon; George Mealy, French horn; Steve Beutler, trumpet; Johannes Mager, trombone; David Rosenthal, percussion; Norman Pceck, percussion; Jeanne Stark, piano; Beverly Bellows, harp; Stephen Reynolds, violin; Lorrie Hunt, viola; Amy Radner, cello; Michele Burr, bass; and Don Buchla, electronics.

With this instrumentation the ensemble is suited to perform a great deal of repertoire by the post World War II Avant Garde (Boulez, Berio, Nono, Stockhausen, Pousseur, etc.) __a repertoire which has grown steadily since the 1950's when European composers in the Stockhausen-Boulez school realized that writing for a 95-piece symphony orchestra was somewhat futile. The smaller 'performing group' concept caught on in America with the formation of such ensembles as Arthur Weisberg's Contemporary Chamber Ensemble; Ralph Shapely's Contemporary Chamber Players; and Charles Wuorinen's Group for Contemporary Music.

The Arch Ensemble looks forward to filling a need that exists on the West coast by performing music of this genre__music that now exists in a no-man's land between the smaller music ensembles and the larger symphony orchestras. As a prime concern the Ensemble looks forward to promoting and performing works by West Coast composers as well as presenting West Coast premieres of works by European and East Coast composers. (Composers please see adjacent box concerning submission of scores.) p.3