EAR, Volume 6 No. 3, May - June 1978. Editor: Bob Davis, 517 cortland Ave. San Francisco, CA. 94110. Typed by Barb. Golden, Nov. 30, 1994. 145w

The Arch Ensemble 3 1st Season Saturday, May 6 8:30 pm Metropolitan Arts Center, 1040 Geary Street, (Polk & Van Ness) San Francisco Sunday May 14, 3 pm, The Oakland Museum, James Moore Theater, 10th & Oak Streets, Oakland

Four Organs (1970) Steve Reich

Musica Da Camera II (1974) Robert Moevs on Three Notes of Steve Reich (West Coast Premiere)

Cinque Canti (1956) Luigi Dallapiccola for voice and instruments Tom Buckner - soloist (West Coast Premiere)

Fancy Free (1970) Robert Ashley for stutterer and four cassettes Johannes Mager soloist (West Coast Premiere)

Tongues (1978) Charles Shere for poet and chamber orchestra with special guest, Andrew Hoyem, poet (World Premiere for the Arch Ensemble) p.12

typed by Barb. Golden, Dec. 1 1994