EAR, Vol. 4, No. 7, Fall 1976, MUSIC WEST, Charles Shere, editor, 1824 Curtis Street, Berkeley, CA 94702. 1629w

SAN FRANCISCO CONTEMPORARY MUSIC PLAYERS, Jean-Louis LeRoux and Marcella DeCray, Directors, is the performing ensemble of B.Y.O. P., Inc. Organized in 1974 by composer Charles Boone, harpist Marcelle DeCray, and oboist Jean-Louis LeRoux after three years of collaboration in presenting the "Bring Your Own Pillow" contemporary music concerts at the Grapestake Gallery in San Francisco, B.Y.O.P., Inc. (named after the concert series) is dedicated to the professional presentation of contemporary chamber music.

The ensemble members are all highly skilled professional musicians carefully chosen for their knowledge of contemporary idioms and for their dedicated enthusiasm. It is completely independent of any educational institution and of any group of composers. Its freedom in programming is total. Its directors, Jean-Louis LeRoux and Marcella DeCray, have many years experience in music performance which allows them to program well-balanced, attractive, and meaningful concerts.

Three programs at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, 8:00 pm, admission $3.00 general, $2.00 students.

Sept. 30, Jack Fortner, Four Pieces for string quartet (with tape); Heuwell Tircuit, String quartet; Richard Felciano, From the Abyss (1976) for tuba and tape *Loren Rush, Quartet in c# minor.

Oct. 7, Lawrence Moss: Time Piece, for piano, violin and percussion; Gerhard Sauel: Au Revoir to Lady R. for cello, clarinet and percussion; Henry Cowell: Four pieces for piano; *Wayne Peterson: Encounters( 1976) for flute, clarinet, horn, trumpet, 2 percussionists, piano, violin, cello.

Oct. 14, William Kraft: Encounter IV for trombone, percussion and tape; Mel Powell: Divertimento for violin and harp; Aurelio Del Vega: Olep ed Arudamot (1974) version 4 for several instruments; *Karl Kohn: The Prophet Bird (1976) for flute, clarinet, bassoon, horn, trombone, percussion, harp, violi, viola, violoncello.

SAN FRANCISCO STRING QUARTET, Nathan Rubin and John Tenney, violins; David George, viola; Sharon O'Connor, violoncello. The San Francisco String quartet was founded in February 1975. An experimental group with a highly versatile repertory, the Quartet performs all kinds of music written for string quartet.

Oct. 2, 8:00 pm at the Mills College Concert Hall; String quartets by Robert Ashley and George Crumb and a string trio by David Del Tredici.

1750 ARCH CONCERTS, 1750 Arch Street, Berkeley, 841-0232.

The purpose of 1750 Arch Concerts is to make available a professional and well-run concert facility for talented Bay Area Musicians; and to provide performers and audience with a forum for unique music that doesn't necessarily have wide commercial appeal (a non-profit organization).

the facility is a 1930's Spanish-style former home with adjacent gardens. Concerts are held in the 49-seat former living room. The building also houses an 8-track recording studio, and the 1750 Arch Record label. The record label focuses on unusual recordings of primarily West coast performers.

Oct. 1, Fri., 8:30 pm, LIVE ELECTRONIC MUSIC BY ALLEN STRANGE performed by the Electric Weasel Ensemble, performers include Allen Strange, Don Buchla, Steve Ruppenthal, and David Morse. Works include "Moon Plus Moon", "Skags" (revised), "Tessarae Rag", and other works to be announced. Performed on a consort of Buchla Music Easels. (Broadcast live on KPFA 94 FM.)

Oct. 13, Wed. 8:00 pm, 1750 Arch Concerts presents__co-sponsored by the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, at the museum, Van Ness and McAllister Streets__NEW MUSIC FOR STRINGS, TAPE AND ELECTRONICS. Featuring composer-violinist Daniel Kobialka in the world premiere of his work, "Autumn Beyond" for solo violin and Quad tape of violins, 3 Japanese Biwa's, and Japanese Temple Bells; also "Conversations with Nod", by Allen Strange, a mixolydian realization with strings, performed by the Electric Weasel Ensemble; other works to be announced.

oct. 29, Fri., 8:30 pm, WORKS COMPOSED AND PERFORMED BY MARGARET FABRIZIO, "Hologram No. 1" for solo harpsichord, "Hologram No. 2" for two harpsichords (Margaret Fabrizio and Joan Ferguson) and the world premiere of a work being written for the occasion. (Broadcast live on KPFA 94 FM.)

SOPHIA, Composer's Ensemble, Denise O'Neill and Ann Sandifur, is a recently formed ensemble although the members have worked together for several years. Sophia, then, is an experiment in artistic democracy depending on maximum cooperation and adaptation of the members while maintaining maximum individual freedom of expression and integrity, to composer and produce pieces within a complete environment as art.

Denise O'Neill's interest in new music is in the conception and rendering of sound as environment. She lectures on lighting design, composes, works on scenic designs or performs one of these functions at various concerts throughout the Bay Area.

Ann Sandifur's interest in art is to explore the behavior of consciousness and to communicate through compositions of consciousness the quality of this behavior, experiencing this exploration as a direction and as a perspective. Having received an undergraduate degree in music composition an an M.F.A. in electronic music, she is currently pursuing the Ph.D. in environmental design.

Nov. 6, 8:00 pm at Mills Concert Hall, free.

SPHINX CONSORT is a chamber group of singers and instrumentalists directed by Edward Drake and dedicated to the idea that new music should be joyous and alive, sublime but human, accessible but dignified, accepting influences from all areas of music: traditional, popular, electronic, non-Western ethnic, European academic, and post-electronic jazz. The Sphinx Consort specializes in ensemble improvisation, instrumental exploration, and Twentieth Century vocal techniques.

Oct. 30 Concert, 8:00 pm, Pangaea $1.50 donation, Sphinx Consort, Edward Drake, director, presents works by Berg, Stravinsky, Varese and Hindemith; ensemble improvisation, electronics, and jazz featuring Tony Blase on flute and baritone sax, and Heather Woods on flute and percussion.

UBU is an experimental music ensemble which has performed in the Bay Area for the past three years. It evolved out of the EAT FLYS radio program on KPOO FM where the original members of UBU performed live spontaneous theater and music from 2 am to 7 am on Thursday mornings. When EAT FLYS left the airwaves UBU began performing at various clubs, churches, libraries, and universities, including the First Annual Free Music Festival at the Farm in September 1974.

UBU's music is a combination of spontaneous and compositional elements performed on conventional and unconventional instruments by Frank French, Tim Lambert, Kevin Lambert, Lina Oller and Heather Woods.

On June 5, 1976, UBU opened PANGAEA, a Center for the Performing Arts at 517 Cortland St. in the Bernal Heights area of San Francisco. PANGAEA provides a performing space for new music groups in San Francisco and an art gallery.

Pangaea presents concerts every Friday and Saturday night at 8:00 pm, admission $1.40 donation. Concerts at Pangaea during the new Music Festival include:

Oct. 1, Jim Nollman

Oct. 8, Future Primitive Art Ensemble: SONIC PYRAMIDS

Oct. 9, Life on Mars

Oct. 9, Joint concert with Continuum and the Future Primitive Art Ensemble at Mills Concert Hall.

Oct. 15, Saputelli and Sabella

Oct. 22, Half the Sky

Oct. 23, Continuum

Oct. 29, X-perimental Chorus: musical theater and new music for chorus.

Oct. 30, Sphinx Consort; works by Berg, Stravinsky, Varese, Hindemith, improvisation, electronics and jazz

Oct. 31, UBU presents a Halloween Concert and Costume Party.

THE UNIVERSITY ART MUSEUM of the University of California at Berkeley has in the past two years become a major center for the performance of new music in the Bay Area. Performances have been presented by the Port Costa Players, The Berkeley Percussion Ensemble, East Bay New Music Ensemble, singer Joan LaBarbara and composers Terry Riley, Ingram Marshall, John Bischoff and Jon Gibson. Concerts to be presented during the Fall New Music Festival include:

Oct. 14 and 15, Gallery A, 8:00 pm, admission $3.00. Real* Electric Symphony presents EPHEMERAL FORMS: In Sound and Light. Live electronic music, video, lasers, film, slides, and unnamed light terms. Ron Pellegrino, director, music and laser; Gordon Mumma, Olly Wilson, James Gillerman: music, Bill Roarity and Willard Rosenquist: video; Toby Raetze: light sculpture.

Oct. 21 and 22, Gallery A, 8:00 pm, admission$3.00. East Bay New Music Ensemble performs works by Lou Harrison, Janice Giteck, Neil Rolnick, Paul Robinson, Paul Dresher, and Peg Ahrens.

nov. 4, 5, and 6, Gallery A, 8:00 pm, admission $3.00. NEW MUSIC FOR ROCK BAND: songs by Peter Gordon and Robert Sheff and three theater works__"If I Trust You The Revolution Will Happen" by Peter Gordon, "19647" by Craig Hazen, and "Make It Up As You Go Along" or "Winners and Losers" (or...) by Robert Sheff. Techniques used will include the use of "phase" techniques (a la Terry Riley), live electronic modification of acoustic instruments, and original and personal messages to a waiting public. Performers include Anna Mathias, voice; Peter Gordon and Karl Young, saxes and winds; Paul Dresher, electric and acoustic guitars; Craig Hazen, electric bass; "Blue" Gene Tyranny and Janet Cuniberti, piano and electric keyboards; Gene Refkin, drums and percussion; Rich Gold, live mixing and signal modification; Maggie Payne, recordist.

Nov. 11, Gallery A, 8:00 pm, admission $3.00. Peter Plonsky, composer, presents the world premiere of his "Glissandi conductus" for conductor and chamber orchestra, and "Mind Emission".

X-PERIMENTAL CHORUS is a music Theater Group of the Musical Arts Association of Richmond. Founded by conductor Ron Daniels and now under the direction of Hermann LeRoux the 15-member chorus brings to its own work and those of composers from the Bay Area, National and International, a sparkling wit and sense of fun.

Presenting theater pieces and electronic music in addition to choral music; improvisation, electronics, lighting and costuming all play an important part in X-perimantal Chorus concerts as will be demonstrated in the concert to be presented at Pangaea, 517 Cortland, San Francisco on October 29 at 8:00 pm, $1.50 donation. pp.9.10,11.