EAR, Vol. 4, No. 7, Fall 1976, MUSIC WEST, Charles Shere, editor, 1824 Curtis Street, Berkeley, CA 94702. 1637w

OTHER MUSIC, an experimental music ensemble currently based at New College of California in San Francisco's Mission District, is a group of four composer/performers devoted to the presentation of their own works and those of other contemporary composers. the pursuit of this goal has led to the design and construction of a number of unusual new acoustical instruments many of which utilize common, inexpensive materials. Through the creation of informal yet respectful concert environments, the group has endeavored to reach a more varied audience than is commonly attracted by contemporary music.

Oct. 2, 8:30 pm at Cat's Paw Palace, $1.50 donation, recent work by Carola, David Doty, Henry Rosenthal, Dale Soules.

Oct. 8, 8:30 pm at New College of California, $1.50 donation, A David Doty Birthday Party, selected works from 1975-76.

Oct. 15, 8:30 pm at New College of California, $1.50 donation, program to be announced.

PETER PLONSKY, composer, studied composition with Morton Feldman and Earle Brown, graduated from Rutgers University in 1965 and has also studied guitar, sarangi, oud, Carnatic flute, Javanese gamelan, and shakuhachi at the University of Hawaii, Wesleyan University and the Center for World Music. A member of new York Fluxus and the West Coast text-sound movement, he has also been associated with the Pakistani vocalist Syed Mukhtar and the American composer Ingram Marshall.

Aesthetic statement by Peter Plonsky:

"Traditional earth music cultures differ as to external realization of circulatory system translated as rhythm, nervous system as melody, and timbre as etheric awareness. This internal physical establishment can be unified by the linear glissando which runs continuously through all parameters; and be transcended by the Mind Emission Vocal Trance which operates within the astral causality of a single elemental substance capable of infinite transformation. Numerous occult contracts bear witness to this."

Oct. 22, San Francisco Art Institute, 8:00 pm, Let It slide; version in time, chamber works of Plonsky.

Nov. 11, University Art Museum, 8:00 pm, $3.00 Glissandi Conductus for conductor sixth Strings attached (world premiere) and Mind Emission.

PORT COSTA PLAYERS is a group of young, versatile performers based in the San Francisco Bay Area. Comprised of 24 singers, actors, instrumentalists and visual artists, the company was founded in 1972 as a community oriented performing ensemble. Since then it has become a full-scale touring company widely known for its innovative and diverse programming, having presented over 300 performances of opera, chamber music, New Music, choral programs and children's music/theater.

This unique and exceptional company has commissioned new pieces each year as a part of its California Composers Series and has drawn the attention of two well known American Composers, Vivian Fine and Earle Brown. In the 1976-77 season the company will premiere a new chamber opera by Ms. Fine based on characterizations of four famous women artists of the past. Earle Brown's New Piece as arranged for the Port Costa Players will be premiered on their concert during the new Music Festival.

Oct. 14, Hellman Hall, 8:00, free, "THE NEW FRONTIER (1960-1976)": Sound Patterns (mixed chorus), Pauline Oliveros; Anthem (1962) (mixed chorus), Igor Stravinsky; New Piece (1976) (chamber ensemble) Earle Brown; Nuits (1968) (12 solo voices), Iannis Xenakis; She Was A Visitor (mixed chorus), Robert Ashley; Echoes (1975) (clarinet and tape), Olly Wilson; Eight Sandbars on the Takano River (1976) (mixed ensemble), Janice Giteck; Alma Redemptoris Mater (1962) (mixed ensemble), Lou Harrison; Take Five (1962) Barney Childs; Magnificat (1967) and Lie Lightly Gentle Earth (1973) (mixed chorus), Paul Chihara.

PRO MUSICA NOVA of San Francisco State University was founded in the Fall of 1974 by its director, composer Herbert Bielawa. The Pro Musica Nova concentrates on recent works by less well-Known American composers, but includes works by non-Americans as well. Concerts include a variety of avant garde, moderate, and conservative compositions. In 1976-77, Pro Musica nova will be directed by composer George Burt from University of Michigan with whom Mr. Bielawa is exchanging positions for the year.

Oct. 25, Knuth Hall, Creative Arts Building, 8:00 pm, free. Program will include works by Leedy, Rodgers, Bielawla, Burt, and others.

THE REAL* ELECTRIC SYMPHONY (R*ES) is a changing group of composer/performers from San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley, Palo Alto, Santa Cruz, and Marin County working in the electronic arts of sound, light, movement, and environmental design. Under the direction of Ron Pellegrino the R*ES are involved in an art and social process called "real-time composition". The process calls for specially designed and always different composition/performance formats according to the nature of the performance space and the number and specialities of the participants. In designing events great care is taken to elicit and support each artist's particular perspective so that each event is unique and has a far-ranging and kaleidoscopic character.

Call 897-5974 for further information.

Sept. 24 and 25, Fri. and Sat., 8:30 pm, Studio Eremos in Project Artaud, 401 Alabama, San Francisco, $2.50; light: Jon Greene; Dance: Nancy Elliott; video: Robert Pacelli; music laser: Ron Pellegrino.

Oct. 1 and 2, Fri. and Sat., 8:30 pm, concert Hall, New College of California, 777 Valencia St., San Francisco, $2.50; music: John Strawn, James Gillerman; dance: Nancy Elliot; music, laser: Ron Pellegrino.

Oct. 12, Tues., 8:30 pm, Concert Hall, Community Music Center, 544 Capp St., San Francisco, $2.50; video: Robert Pacelli; music: James Gillerman; dance: Nancy Elliott; music, laser: Ron Pellegrino.

Oct. 14 and 15, Thurs. and Fri. 8:00 pm, University Art Museum, UC-Berkeley, 2625 Durant, Berkeley, $3.00; music: Gordon Mumma, Olly Wilson, James Gillerman; video: Bill Roarity, Willard Rosenquist; light sculpture: Toby Raetze; music, laser: Ron Pellegrino.

Oct. 17, Sun., 2:00 pm, Lawrence Hall of Science Plaza, Canyon Road, North and Centennial Dr., Berkeley, free; music: John Strawn, James Gillerman, Ron Pellegrino, The Future Primitive Art Ensemble of San Francisco

Oct. 20, Wed. 8:00 pm, Exploratorium, 3601 Lyon, San Francisco, admission to be announced. An open invitation to Bay Area Musicians and Artists to perform the Exploratorium's light and sound instruments as participants in a Real* Electric Symphony real-time composition; the event will be documented on video tape and/or film.

Oct. 28, Thurs., 7:30 pm, Auditorium, Lawrence Hall of Science, Canyon Rd. North and Centennial Dr., Berkeley, free; lecture__Waves Technology and the Arts: The Real* Electric Symphony, Ron Pellegrino & Friends.

Nov. 12, Fri., 8:30 pm, Cat's Paw Palace, 2547 A 8th St., Berkeley, $2.50; music: James Gillerman; video: Robert Pacelli; dance: Nancy Elliot; music, laser: Ron Pellegrino.


Nov. 15, 8:30 pm, Fireman's Fund, admission charge. "Oldies But Goodies": a selective review of hit tunes by Bay Area composers from the last decade, Robert Hughes, director.


Aquarium by Ramon Sender;


Quaderno Rossiniano by Douglas Leedy;

Screen with Variations for harp and string quartet, Charles Shere;

5-Part Invention, Tony Gnazzo to be sung by the instrumentalists with audience participation;

Pieces of 8, Pauline Oliveros;

Music for electric harp, tape and ensemble, Robert Hughes;

Fancy Free (Illusion Module IV), Robert Ashley;

Play! No. 1, Mort Subotnick;


Popcorn Music by Robert Moran, an edible encore.

THE SAN FRANCISCO CONSERVATORY OF MUSIC, NEW MUSIC ENSEMBLE, which was founded in 1969 with the assistance of a grant from the Ford Foundation, is the extension into the field of contemporary music of the basic premise of the Conservatory: the the pursuit of musical excellence and service to the community are meaningfully compatible.

The Ensemble from its beginning under the leadership of composers Howard Hersh and Robert Moran and continuing under the present director, composer John Adams, has been dedicated to the study and performance of works written in the last half of the 20th century from the Americas, Europe, and the Far East. Emphasis has been on providing personal contact with composers in rehearsal and in concert to give both the young musicians and their audience a more human insight into the diversity of aesthetic concepts and technical developments that characterize new music today.

Events scheduled at the Conservatory during the Music West Fall New Music Festival include one master class and four concerts.

Oct. 4, Master Class, 9:00 am to noon, participants* $25.00 plus $10.00 registration fee; auditors $5.00. Stuart Dempster will give a class for trombonists. Mr. Dempster, a former Bay Area resident, is the foremost American exponent of contemporary music for the trombone and is directly or indirectly responsible for much of the music written for trombone in the last several years. *Prospective participants should contact the office of student services at the Conservatory (564-8086) for audition information.

CONCERTS: Hellman hall, 8:00 pm, admission free.

OCT. 7, New Beginnings plays new works by the composers Cooperative (see Composers Cooperative for program)

Oct. 13, "Video Follies": an evening of video entertainment featuring both live and taped works by Bay Area video artists and including documentary video, synthesized video, video-generated cinema, and video interfaced with electronic music. Sponsored by the Conservatory's new Music Ensemble and coordinated by John Adams, Megan Roberts and Larry Roe.

Oct. 14, Port Costa Players present THE NEW FRONTIER (1960-1976) (see Port Costa Players for program)

Oct. 21, The New Music Ensemble, John Adams, director. Program will include two new works commissioned especially for the Ensemble by Paul DeMarinis of Berkeley and Peter Gordon of New York. The DeMarinis work will feature a special electronic location module designed for the composer for use in live electronic situations. The Gordon work will be for strings and winds. The program will also include music by Morton Feldman and Canadian composer Rudolph Komerous and the first screening of Virginia Quesada's new movie, Take the Cake.