EAR, Vol. 4, No. 7, Fall 1976, MUSIC WEST, Charles Shere, editor, 1824 Curtis Street, Berkeley, CA 94702. 1982w

Music West Participants (cont.)

BOB DAVIS, composer, has lived in the San Francisco Bay Area since the Fall of 1972. A graduate of Franklin and Marshall College, he also has a degree in composition from the San Francisco Conservatory of Music and is a candidate for the M.F.A. degree in Electronic Media at The Center for Contemporary Music at Mills College. He has taught classes in American Folk Music at both City College of San Francisco and the San Francisco Conservatory of Music. With the aid of artist John Adams, he wrote The 50 cent Guitar Book, a guitar instruction comic book published by Music Sales, Inc. of New York

Sept. 29, The Exploratorium, 8:00 pm, 25 cts. Program of recent compositions by Bob Davis, including Interruptions & Songs performed by the composer; The Merry documentation, taped interviews and slides; Fiddle Tunes: "Essence of the Minuet", "Lee's Charge", "Devil's Fried Chicken", "Just Fill Me Up Again".

Oct. 23, Mills Concert Hall, 8:00 pm, free. Concert by the New Music Coalition of the Center for Contemporary Music will include a revival of the finale from the Quiet American Junk recital of the Spring of 1974.

Nov. 6, Cabrillo College Forum, 7:30 pm, free. Concert by the Cabrillo College new Music Ensemble, Robert Bozina, Director, will include Pentatone for tape and solo violin.

EAST BAY NEW MUSIC ENSEMBLE was formed in early 1975 by faculty members of the East Bay center for the Performing arts, a community music school in Richmond and Berkeley. The group includes performers on conventional orchestra, percussion, and non-western instruments, and singers and electronic media artists. Presenting new and often experimental pieces with compositions by more well-known 20th century composers, the ensemble is designed as an open forum for Bay Area composers.

Oct. 21, University Art Museum, Gallery A, 8:00pm, admission $3.00. Program will include pieces by Lou Harrison, Janice Giteck, Neil Rolnick, Paul Robinson, Paul Dresher, and Peg Ahrens.

THE EXPLORATORIUM, a perceptual science museum dedicated to discovery through the senses, will be presenting three concerts in its regular Wednesday series in cooperation with Music West. These concerts will demonstrate various aspects of the convergence of art and science in the mid-twentieth century. Concerts begin at 8:00 pm; there is a 25 ct. admission charge for concerts at the Exploratorium except for the October 20 concert for which there may be a special admission charge. Please call the Exploratorium, 563-7337, for further information.

Sept. 22, David Roach and Paul Dresher, composers, and instrument makers, present a concert of their own music entitled Modal Polyphony.

Sept. 29, composer Bob Davis presents a concert of his recent works including interruptions & Songs, Merry Documentation, Fiddle Tunes.

Oct. 20, The Real* Electric Symphony presents an open invitation to Bay Area musicians and artists to perform the Exploratorium's light and sound instruments as participants in a Real* Electric Symphony real-time composition, the event will be documented on video tape and/or film.


Margaret Fisher is a dancer and saxophonist who manages the Cat's Paw Palace in Berkeley.

John Adams is a composer and the director of the new Music ensemble at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music.

Virginia Quesada is a composer, film maker and photographer living in San Francisco.

Nov. 5 & 6, 8:30 pm at La Mamelle, 70 12th St., San Francisco, admission $2.00. Saxophone & Other Stories, melodrama, paramilitary exercises, Studebaker Love Music, opulent visual and video imagery combine in an evening of theater with the obligatory bed scene. PLUS the first showing of Margaret's video autobiography.

THE FUTURE PRIMITIVE ART ENSEMBLE is an ensemble of ten composer/performers, part of the intergalactic exchange program initiated 15,000 years ago by non-physical entities from the constellation Epsilon-Bootes. Main areas of musical exploration are the electronic arts, free jazz, Asian and African ethno-music, development of new musical instruments and instrumental exploration, intermedia (dance, theater, poetry) and the synthesis of all these in the telepathic frame as a healing and transcendent process.

Oct. 3, New College of California, 8:30 pm, admission $2.00, Intergalactic conference on Unexplained Phenomena.

Oct. 8, Pangaea, 8:00 pm, admission $1.50, Sonic Pyramids.

Oct. 9, Mills Concert hall, 8:00 pm, admission free. Joint concert with UBU and Continuum.

Oct. 17, Lawrence hall of Science, Plaza, 2:00 pm, free. concert with the Real* Electric Symphony.

JAMES GILLERMAN, composer works as a freelance musician in electronic art composition and performance. Having worked with a large variety of analog electronic music systems, video synthesis, and laser deflection, he is currently building a large-scale viable hybrid electronic music system for real-time performance. A graduate of Oberlin College, he has done graduate work at Washington University. His music has been performed throughout the United States, and he performs with the Real* Electric Symphony and other groups in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Oct. 8, Cat's Paw Palace, 8:30 pm, admission $2.50. Convections: a concert of live audio and video synthesis, computer video graphics, and laser deflection. Assisting artists will be Ron Pellegrino, freelance educator and director of The Real* Electric Symphony; and JoAnn Gillerman, video artist residing in Chicago. Having worked with many diverse video synthesis systems, she has built a Sandin Image Processor__an analog video synthesizer__and is presently giving concerts of her work in the Midwest and interfacing her machine with a computer video system. Ms. Gillerman will be performing with the Real* Electric Symphony in concerts on Oct. 1 and 2, Oct. 12, Oct. 14 and 15, Oct. 17 and Nov. 12 (see Real* Electric Symphony)

HYSTERESIS, a woman's creative arts group, was formed to provide for the development of women in the creative arts through the performing, visual, and literary arts, through educational services, and through publications and media presentations. Primary activities include arranging and sponsoring concerts, art shows, workshops, and other presentations.

While oriented to aid women, Hysteresis strives to be responsive to the needs of its communities as a whole, encouraging women to reach not just an elite audience but all the people around them. All artists and friends of the arts who are interested in working to encourage women in the arts are welcome to participate in Hysteresis. Whole operating chiefly in the Bay Area, the group hopes to be useful to women everywhere.

KOTEKAN is an adventurous new music and percussion ensemble formed in 1973 to offer programs of an entertaining and experimental nature. KOTEKAN draws upon versatile musicians living in the San Francisco Bay Area with professional experience in the performance of Western classical, baroque, avant-garde, jazz, Balinese gamelan, and improvisatory music.

Oct. 9, Ives Hall, Sonoma State college, 8:00 pm, free

Oct. 10, Old First Church, 4:00 pm, admission $2.50. Program includes Stoptime Rag and The Wanderer, Scott Joplin; Rainbow Riopple, G. H. Green; Duettino concertante, Ingolf Dahl; Pavane, G. Faure; La Flute enchantee, Ravel; Lift-Off, R. Peck; Continental Divide, Rosenboom; Madrigals, Book I, George Crumb; Piece in Balinese Gamelan Style, arranged by R. Kvistad; Perilous Night, John Cage.

LONE MOUNTAIN COLLEGE presents organist Wyatt Insko in a recital of organ music by West Coast composers past and present.

Oct. 27, Lone Mountain college Chapel, 8:00 pm, free. Six Preludes for Organ, Ernest Bloch; Hymn and Fuguing Tune, No. 14, Henry Cowell; Prelude on Divinum mysterium, Halsey Stevens; Capriccio (for mouth organ), Ellis B. Kohs; Chorale No. 1, Roger Sessions; Five Pieces for Organ (1975), Elaine Bearer; For Organ...1967, Robert Moran; three compositions for organ and tape: God of the expanding universe, Litany, I make my own soul from all the elements of the earth, Richard Felciano.

INGRAM MARSHALL, composer, has been developing through live electronic means a series of pieces called Gambuh named after the Balinese flute which is used as a primary sound source. He has performed this work all over the United States and in several countries in Europe, and is now amalgamating it with other ideas, especially ones drawn on "text-sound" works for which he is also well known. Marshall, a former Fulbright scholar and faculty member at California Institute of the Arts, will teach at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music this Fall.

Oct. 30, SITE, 8:30 pm, free. "The Fragility Cycles", an experimental venture into a new unified continuous music..

Marshall will also appear on a concert at the Theater Vanguard in Los Angeles in a program of new electronic works by six California composers.

THE MENLO PARK ARTS COMMISSION is sponsoring a series of five concerts which will be devoted to 20th century American music. these programs will be intermixed with more traditional recitals during the 19746-77 "Music in the Council Chamber" series of 22 concerts.

The initial concert on October 10, 1976 at 3:00 pm, co-sponsored by the Historical Association of Menlo Park, will be a unique narrative-concert paying tribute to Menlo Park composer Henry Dixon Cowell presented by Menlo resident Florence White Underwood and Friends of Henry Cowell. The program will include an address by composer Lou Harrison, "Henry Dixon Cowell As I Knew Him" and music by Cowell for woodwind quintet, string quartet, chorus, and selections from his vocal music and piano music. pp.3-4

Music West Participants (cont.)

NEW BEGINNINGS is a group of professional musicians dedicated to the performance of infrequently heard twentieth century chamber music. Formed in the spring of 1974 by Sarah Lutman and Peter Tomita for performances of Stravinsky's L'histoire du Soldat, all positions in the group including that of conductor were filled by audition and all members work together on a cooperative basis.

In may of 1975 New Beginnings played the inaugural concert in the California Artists Series at the Oakland Museum. Concerts by New Beginnings present works by established 20th century composers such as Stravinsky, Webern, Varese, Revueltas, and Villa Lobos along with new works by composers from the American continent and Europe.

Oct. 7, Hellman Hall, 8:00 pm, free admission. Concert of new and recent works by members of the Composers Cooperative.

Nov. 3, New College of California, 8:30 pm, admission.

Nov. 7, Attic Theater, 8:30 pm, admission. SMALL ODD NUMBER: chamber music for one, three, and five instruments; Consequenza for solo trombone, Alsina; Janissary Music for solo percussion, Wuorinen; Trio, Roberts; Branches for 2 bassoons and percussion, Chihara; Quintet, Drifsky; Pas de Cinque, Kagel.

OAKLAND MUSEUM: CALIFORNIA ARTISTS CONCERTS The California Artists concerts helps to meet the great need for additional music programming in the East Bay by presenting contemporary chamber music, rarely heard works by lesser known composers and showcasing the work of special research projects undertaken by local artists. We present lecture-recitals, concerts keyed to museum exhibitions, special children's concerts, informal music in the museum courtyard and restaurant and concerts featuring premieres of works by local composers.

Oct. 3, James Moore Theater, 3:00 pm, 25 ct. admission. T. Peter Tomita and Stuart Dempster, trombones; Sequennza V, Luciano Berio; Ricercare, Robert Erickson; Anagnorisis, Robert Hughes; Bombardments IV, Robert Moran; Aanraking, Conrad DeJong; General Speech, Robert Erickson.

Oct. 10, in various galleries, courtyard, and the James Moore Theater, from 1:00 to 5:00 pm. PIONEERS IN NEW INSTRUMENTS; a jamboree of Acoustical Music Invention including Ray Nitta__wooden tongue drums, Frank Crawford__corrugahorn, Erv Denman__the golden harp, Paul Dresher__strings and percussion, Richard Waters__the Watersphone, David Doty and Other Music__the metal konk, and others.

Oct. 17, Gallery of California Art, 3:00 pm, 25 cts. admission, FIRST ANNUAL 20TH CENTURY PIANO RECITAL MARATHON, including performances by Nathan Schwartz, Mack McCray, Marvin Tartak, Earle Shenk, Rae Imamura, Karl Goldstein, Julie Steinberg, Joan Squire, Marta Bracchi LeRoux, Elizabeth Chu, Margret Elson, and others.

typed by Barb. Golden, Nov. 29, 1994.