EAR, Vol. 4, No. 7, Fall 1976, MUSIC WEST, Charles Shere, editor, 1824 Curtis Street, Berkeley, CA 94702. 1704w



On Saturday, November 6, 1976 the San Francisco Opera will present the world premiere of Bay Area composer Andrew Imbrie's new opera, Angel of Repose. the San Francisco Opera has had a long tradition of presenting new and 20th Century operatic fare__in the last decade the list includes Darius Milhaud's Christopher Columbus, The Visit of the Old Lady of Gottfried von Einem, Janacek's The Makropoulus Case, and Wozzeck and Lulu, two operas by Alban Berg.

Spring Opera Theater and Western Opera Theater, two subsidiaries of The San Francisco Opera, are also known for their presentation of new works, Spring Opera with The Rise and Fall of the City of Mohagonny by Brecht and Weill, the West Coast premiere of Death in Venice by Britten and the premiere of (?) Meeting Mr. Ives, a collage of Ives' music and words about his life compiled and written by Richard Dufallo and Brendan Gill.

Western Opera has toured the Western States with Krenek's What Price Confidence and Bernstein's Trouble in Tahiti__The Threepenny Opera of Brecht and Weill and Ezra Pound's Le Testament de Villon have been presented locally, the latter in conjunction with CAL Arts of UC Berkeley.

In Angle of Repose, Andrew Imbrie and librettist Oakley Hall (also a Californian) have adapted Wallace Stegner's Pulitzer Prize winning novel, which traces the early history of the Ward family as seen through the eyes of their descendant, Lyman Ward, a resident of the foothill town of Grass Valley, California. The struggles of this American family take them from the Gold Rush Country to San Francisco Ballrooms and the rugged terrain of Idaho. The All-American cast for this production will include Nancy Shade, William Lewis, Dale Duesing, Chester Ludgin and Susanne Marsee. Conducted by John Mauceri, the opera will be staged by Gerald Freedman. p.2

AUDIUM, 1616 Bush St., San Francisco (Fridays and Saturdays)

Audium is a theater of sound-sculptured space, a musical medium conceived to realize the spatial and sculptural dimensions of sound. It is based on a new understanding of space as an inherent component of musical composition and performance. Live spatial performance of taped compositions by composer Stanley Shaff and equipment designer and performer Douglas McEachern take place every Friday and Saturday at 8:00 pm and 10:00 pm. Admission is $3.00; the box office opens 1/2 hour before each program with no admittance after performance begins.

BERKELEY CONTEMPORARY CHAMBER PLAYERS is the resident new music group on the Berkeley campus of the University of California. Founded in the Fall of 1970 by composers Olly Wilson, Edwin Dugger and Richard Felciano to present contemporary music concerts at the University, the group is composed of both students and young professional musicians from the Bay Area. Nov. 8, 8:00 pm Hertz Hall, University of California, admission charge. Program will include piano music of Henry Cowell, Driftwood, Paul Chihara, and Variations On a Theme By M. B. Tolson, T. J. Anderson

CABRILLO NEW MUSIC ENSEMBLE Robert Bozina, director, is a concert-giving extension of the "New Music Workshop" course offered at Cabrillo College. The Ensemble consists of members, former members, and sometimes non-members of the Workshop dedicated to the idea of giving a portion of one's time to the understanding, rehearsal and public performance of the music or our era. in each performance the ensemble presents at least one recent work by a young Bay Area composer.

Nov. 6, 7:30 pm Cabrillo College Forum, 6500 Soquel Ave, Aptos. Admission free, BAY AREA COMPOSERS: Piano Social for piano and electronics, John Bischoff; Sonata for violin and piano, Robert Morton; Pentatone for Carol (for violin and tape), Bob Davis; Scherzo and Fuga (from Suite for violoncello), Thilo Reinhard; Piano Sonata, Fred Squatrito; Leaves (for 4 players, leaves, rakes and electronics), Gerry Mueller; Suite for guitar, oboe, cello and flute, Robert Bozina; Chanson de Moets (for ten voices), Richard Zvonar. Performers: John Bischoff, Madeline Morton-Mueller, and Fred Squartito, piano; Barbara Sully, oboe; Joseph Gold, Carol Schwamberger, violin; Robert Bozina, guitar; Steve Pereira, violoncello; Robert A. Beede, Buchla synthesizer; Peggy Gorham-Bischoff, voice; Gerry Mueleer, electronics; The Cabrillo New music Ensemble, Robert Bozina, director.

CAT'S PAW PALACE OF PERFORMING ARTS is a theater/studio for avant garde performance and participatory events located in an artists complex which houses three theaters, painting studios, and film studios. With hardwood floors for dance, natural brick walls and white walls, the 2,000 square foot theater is a warm and intimate environment, flexible and unique for each event.

Cat's Paw brings in a variety of professional artists in music poetry, theater, film, video, holography and dance. The emphasis is on change, and Cat's Paw is the only theater/studio in the Bay Area offering a comprehensive view of this change in all the art forms. All concerts start at 8:30.

Oct. 2, Other Music: recent works by Carola, David Doty, Henry Rosenthal, and Dale Soules, admission $1.50.

oct. 8, James Gillerman, composer: Conventions, a concert of live audio and video synthesis, computer video graphics, and laser deflection. Assisting artist: Ron Pellegrino and JoAnn Gillerman, admission $2.50.

Nov. 12, Real* Electric Symphony: Music, James Gillerman; Video, Robert Pacelli; Dance, Nancy Elliot; Music & Laser, Ron Pellegrino; admission $2.50.


is the only audio facility in the United States open to the public on a non-profit, non-commercial basis serving both students and independent composers and musical groups. During the school year, the Center presents weekly concerts by composers at the Center, the New Music Coalition, and by outside composers and artists. At Mills Concert Hall, 8:00 pm, free.

Oct. 2, San Francisco String Quartet, Nathan Rubin and John Tenney, violins, David George, viola, and Sharon O'Connor, violoncello, perform string quartets by Robert Ashley and George Crumb and a string trio by David Del Tredici.

Oct. 9, Concert by new music ensembles from San Francisco; UBU, Continuum, The Future Primitive Art Ensemble with Currents Dance Company present Intergalactic Cultural Exchange Program, Anarchist Mumblins from Outer Space, The True People's Music Almost Never heard, Auditory Canal Digging & No Holding Back.

Oct. 22, The New Music Coalition: recent works by students.

Oct. 23, The New Music Coalition: recent works by students and faculty including a revival of the finale of "Quiet American Junk" by Bob Davis.

Oct. 24, The New Music Coalition: a concert featuring home-made electronic instruments.

Oct. 30, "Blue"Gene Tyranny: a concert of new chamber works by Robert Sheff and Peter Gordon.

Nov. 6, Sophia, Composer's Ensemble: new works by composer/performers Denise O'Neill and Ann Sandifur including The Shadow, a theater composition, music by Ann Sandifur, lighting by Denise O'neill; A History of Anonymity Through Collaboration, an exploration into the voice and image of anonymity, music by Denise O'Neill, visuals by Ann Sandifur; and Biorhythms of Performance and Chamber Music by Ann Sandifur.

Nov. 13, The New Music Coalition: recent works by students and faculty.

WORKSHOPS: call the Center (415) 632-2700 ext. 337 for exact location on campus. Both workshops begin at 3:00 pm, no admission charge.

Oct. 23, The New Music Coalition Workshop: How to set up a concert__the physical facts of new music life.

Oct. 24, The New Music Coalition Workshop: Guerrilla electronics__building your own portable electronic instruments. (The concert this evening will feature home-made electronics.)

CITY COLLEGE OF SAN FRANCISCO encourages the performance of new music especially involving the composers on its faculty which include Robert Morton, head of the Comprehensive Theory Program; Jerry Mueller, founder of the CCSF Electronic Music Lab; John Bischoff, teacher of electronic music and harmony; and Robert Bozina, teacher of guitar and American music.

Oct. 26, 11:00 a.m., faculty concert, admission free, CCS, 50 Phelan Ave, San Francisco, in the Choral Room, Sonata (violin and piano), Robert Morton; Quartet, Bob Bozina; Three Spanish Haiku Settings (voice, piano, and electronic tape), Jerry Mueller; Piano Social (piano and electronic), John Bischoff. Performers: Joe Gold, violin; Baruch Klein, violoncello; Charles McCarthy, flute; Madeline Morton-Mueller, piano; Peggy Gorham-Bischoff, mezzo-soprano.

THE COMPOSERS COOPERATIVE was formed in 1973 by a group of Bay Area composers who realized the need to bring new music before the public. The group is not affiliated with any single musical aesthetic or school, and it includes the works of guest composers in its concerts.

The concert planned for the New Music Festival will present new and recent works by members of the cooperative: Elinor Armer, pianist, composer, member of the faculty of the San Francisco Conservatory of Music; Robert Gartler, pianist, composer, teacher; Jules Langert, composer, conductor, member of the faculty of Dominican College, San Rafael; Neil Rolnick, composer, electronic musician, graduate student at U.C. Berkeley; Valerie Samson, composer and researcher and writer on new music.

Oct. 7, Hellman Hall at 8:00 pm, free. New Beginnings plays new and recent works by the Composers Cooperative. Program includes Night Visits (for 11 players), Valerie Samson; thank You, Thelonius (trumpet, trombone, violoncello, cimbalom, percussion), Neil Rolnick; Pieces for the Mind's Eye (10 players), Elinor Armer; Trio, Jules Langert; The Duchess' Aria from Act II of The Outcasts of Poker Flat, music by Robert Gartler, libretto by Josephine Miles.

CONTINUUM is a performing workshop of ten composers and improvisers who are exploring new directions in musical expression. Continuum has been performing since the Fall of 1975 when the First San Francisco Free Music Festival manifested a free music community. The musicians represent a wide background of traditions which is reflected by elements of free jazz, solo and collective improvisation, new music, conceptual composition, folk music, poetry, and dance. Until June of 1976, Continuum operated the Blue Dolphin storefront as a performance space for exploratory music; it is currently searching for a comparable new location. Continuum will present two concerts during the Fall New Music Festival.

Oct. 9, Mills Concert Hall in collaboration with UBU and the Future Primitive Art Ensemble. 8:00 pm, free.

Oct 23, Pangaea, 8:00 pm, admission $1.50. Program to be announced.

typed by Barb. Golden, Nov. 29, 1994.