EAR 21 Fall, 1974 Ed. Beth Anderson & Charles Shere, Oakland CA 139w

There is a new place in town called SOUTH OF THE SLOT at 63 Bluxome St. in S.F. between 4th and 5th St and Brannan and Townsend. Keep looking. Their calendar for November is really wizardly.

Nov. 1 the Mills Performing Group will be there doing music by Virginia Quesada, Peg Ahrens, Beth Anderson, Craig Hazen, and Jedidiah Denman.

Nov. 2, MOTION,

Nov. 4 Jim Pomeroy and Paul Demarinis

Nov. 8 Joel Glassman and Gohn Gillen, (?jh)

Nov. 9 Richard Alpert,

Nov. 11 Robert Ashley,

Nov. 15 Bill Morrison, Jock Reynolds, Pat Ferrero, Allie Light,

Nov. 16 Jack Ogden and Jimmy Suzuki,

Nov. 18 Jim Melchert/Irv Tepper,

Nov. 22 Terry Fox/Stephen Laub,

Nov. 23 Dong and Sharon,

and Nov. 25 Tom Marioni and Paul Kos.