EAR#19 1974 p 2 copyright 189w

Part four Stuck on the ship

There will be two concerts called COTILLION DANCE, Part I is Sept. 21 and Part II is Sept. 27. They are both at Cat's Paw Palace, 2547 -- 8th St., Berkeley and $2 donation.

Music by Tocha (Hopi for humming bird and also, a method for getting high). It is a celebration for the Autumn Equinox. Performers include Ponderosa Pine on Issa & voice, Humming Bird on viahuela drum and slit-drum, as well as a host of other musicians and dancers.

Margaret Fisher is doing an immigration piece Sept. 25. It involves Jim Nollman, Sybl Glebow, and you, so call 841-6911 for details.

Sybl Glebow is doing a desert landscape Sept. 22 at Cat's Paw. It will be at sunset -- before and after. Call 841-6911 for details.

Oct. 5 at Cat's paw ($2 donation) there will be actors, dancers, and a magician. The setting is W.W.I in the house of a prince. Margaret Fisher is the daughter, Jim Nollman is the elderly prince, Rine Nadell is the governess, and Ponderosa Pine is World War One. 2547 -- 8th St/.