EAR 11 dec (?) 1974 copyright by beth anderson 181w

EAR hopes you will come to the new music concerts at 1750 Arch Street this month -- Dec. 5 with Margaret Fisher, movement and Beth Anderson sound (a collaboration that even the most radical of you should get off on) and a concert of music by or realized by Beth Anderson (including a new piece for sculpture / tapes / live and recorded violins & string bass & percussion & voices which is a collaboration with Paul Cotton, sculptor. And the whole thing is based on texts from N. O. Brown and is called THE MESSIAH IS COME) as well as the first bay area performance of GOOD-BYE BRIDGET BARDOT OR HELLO CHARLOTTE MOORMAN with Wanda Warkentin (cello) and Margaret Fisher (movement), CHEAP IMITATION by John Cage and TOWER OF POWER (Linda Collins, performer) for organ. As McLuhan said, "...the Christian concept of the mystical body -- all women as members of the body of Mary -- this becomes technologically a fact under electronic conditions." (that's a misquote in case you think McLuhan just went feminist) See you there. --B.A.