art while you wait 3 flyers by phil harmonic 1974-75 466w


America's newest mecca for living art in the real world, Art While-U-Wait, cordially invites you to share in a star-studded week of cultural events, featuring some of the Bay Area's most promising and energetic artmongers ever.


Monday 19 August RICH GOLD/."A Book I can Live in " constructed from a script written while on vacation, the dream come true. A novel in 24 hours or less. To be completed and copyrighted at 10 PM August 19, 1974 by Rich Gold/. Spend the day. Do the poor ever stop talking of money? Some live quotes will be accepted. From great heights beach goers mingle with the sand and lose erotic value for the pilot.

Tuesday 20 August: CLAY FEAR pieces together WHERE THE BLAME BELONGS, an oral fixative on the language structures of what's been happening with (to) him in the past few months; prose, music, nasty letters from Fay Shism, loose talk, the relationship to Hong Kong and a post-concert visit to the Tubs. 10am on.

Wednesday 21 August: JOHN BISCHOFF: primary arrangements of home entertainment components as AC power detectors and modifiers: "Distant Morning Rendezvous" with "Sharks Are Known To"; newspapers from other lands. 3pm - 10pm.

Thursday 22 August: THE BLACK TARANTULA: Conversations. "A.M. Fine" (c) Kathy Acker, 1974. The Black Tarantual, 1974... dedicated to the destruction of all memories and societies. by including the memories of everyone in me. Love: how are you. the black tarantula: 8/74

Friday 23 august: PHIL HARMONIC AND THE NU-TONES appear once again as THE ROLLING TONES preparing primary audio and video documentation for the forthcoming epic: THE ROLLING TONES 24 HOUR VIDEO OPERA. Featured will be new versions of "Radio Music", "Music to My Ears", and "Win a Dream Date With Phil". 12n-12m.


CLOSEOUT SALE: art while-u-wait1937 Ashby (near Grove)

Wed. Oct. 23 Rich Gold writes a libretto 8:00am to 8:00 pm

Sat & Sun, Oct 26 & 27Jan Pusina moves in for two days

Tues. Oct 29Jim Horton in a return engagement 8:00 to 12:00 pm

Wed. Oct 30John Bischoff thanks everyone 8:00 to 12:00 pm

Sybil Chickenmint is appearing sometime this last week (probably Thursday, the 31st)

Thanks to Paul Demarinis, Tony Gnazzo, and Bob Sheff for their generous support and best wishes to Phil back east.

All Pantyhose and cornpoppers must go!


1975 -ART WHILE-U-WAIT, 511 Potrero Avenue, SF 94110, please phone 864-2323

JULY 28 1975, MONDAY robert sheff

JULY 29 1975 TUESDAY paul demarinis

JULY 30 WEDNESDAY phil harmonic

JULY 31 THURSDAY john bischoff

AUGUST 1 FRIDAY jan pusina

5 of your favorite artists, 5 afternoons 12-6 pm

Typed by Barb. Golden, April 1995