EAR, Volume 6 No. 2, March-April 1978, Co-Editors: Bob Davis & Valerie Samson, Distribution: UBU Inc. 517 Cortland St, San Francisco CA 94110. Typed by Barbara Golden, Nov. 29, 1994 759w


Composer/pianist Jordan de la Sierra has been evolving his "vibratory language" in the Bay Area since 1966. His studies have taken him from the San Francisco Conservatory of Music, Mills College, Terry Riley and Indian vocalist Pran Nath, to Indian and homeopathic medicine, and the visual arts of painting and design. The following excerpt is from a booklet that accompanies Jordan's recording of "Gymnoshpere, song of the Rose" (music for well tuned piano), soon to be released on the Unity label. David Simons


Music is the delight of the Force. And it sings through the matters of the universe, having the power, by Grace, to awaken a synchronicity between the inner and the outer worlds. As this blending occurs, all illusions of an inner and an outer are transformed. Concepts vanish; positions vanish; remedies vanish. 'I", having known transformation, comes to realize that That which is real shines forever brightly, brighter than a hundred thousand suns.

Knowing this truth, let us commence with our journey, entering deeply into Communion with the Force as it shimmers in reflection through the sound of our life.

Life's space in motion, equilibrium and rest, emerges as a symphony of myriad timbres expressing the magnificent song of Presence. This song of presence is the audible life stream, a vast stream of harmonic cycles borne in the body of man and known by him as his sound. As we listen with abandon to this effluvium of spontaneity, this fountain of frequencies, we experience the emergence of harmonic sense or the knowing of the laws of natural order. Through the living sound we come to know the music of waves and pulses, entering effortlessly into the deepest states of meditation. Following further the traces of this roaring song as it rings within our ears and spines, we meet and merge with the Eternal Presence, here being resurrected and made whole in love.

Now we turn with open ears, to the illusions reflected in the psycho-acoustic architecture of universes, entering into the celebration of life with a living remembrance of our contact with the Force.

Sound therefore reveals the very heart of knowing; a song of space and knowing in the sound of all our births; a song of space and knowing in the sound of transformation; a song of space and knowing in the sound of all our deaths; a song of space and knowing in every breath we breathe.

And so it is that music establishes a link with the whole universal perfection; living love to the hours of our life, living love to the phases of time.

Space sings Every atom's galaxy Humming motion's grand illusion Through the house of heaven's stars Passing songs beyond Polaris Shining brightly in the suns Eclipsed by planet's revolutions Cooled in phasing moonlight orbits Flowing water's coursing bloods Through the scent of earth's bouquet Beyond the crystal forms of fiery things And atmospheres that dance in rings. As the solar system proceeds through its sublime unfoldment, the promenade of the harmonic series emerges, living to life a perfect intermatrixing of the paths of orbital relationship. Emanations flow in these spiraling paths influencing the dynamic transformation of life; the transformations of the day-night cycle, the transformations in the play of genders.

Entering into relationship with the rhythms of the heavenly bodies, we experience the tangibility of celestial emanations, coming to know the snowflake essence of our sadhana or our life in the spirit of love. As Communion now ensues, dilemmas disappear, vanishing into the perfect emptiness of space.

Yes, obstruction vanishes! Concepts dissolve; positions are transformed; remedies become obsolete and we enter spontaneously into the phases of abandonment, into the phases of Divine Communion. Here we enjoy the celebration of life, knowing the timeless radiance of the Real World. With abandonment to the One, we respond to life with an ever expanding openness, with a finer sense of flow, with a virgin receptivity. In this effortless state of openness, we are one with consciousness and all of its manifestations as the Force reflects in the mirror of nature.

The Force is consciousness itself, consciousness without an object. And it flows without boundary, without condition, flowing ever into life.