Dolphin Dreamtime (Talking to the Animals) Jim Nollman Copyright Jim Nollman 1985 Published by Anthony Blond 55 Great Ormond Street, London WCIN 3HZ ISBN 0-85634-199-1 149w

-back flap bio- Jim Nollman was born in Boston, Massachusetts in 1947. He graduated with a BA in English Literature from Tufts University, then decided to concentrate on his music: he plays guitar, drums, flute and various other instruments which he uses for communicating with animals.

Between 1978 and 1980 he was hired by Greenpeace to direct their campaign to save dolphins at Iki Island in Japan. He founded Interspecies Communication in 1978, an organization dedicated to promoting new relationships between humans and animals via direct communication.

His sponsors include Greenpeace, The World Wildlife Fund, The Animal Protection Institute and The International Whaling Commission. He lives in Seattle with his wife Katy and their daughter, Claire. -back flap bio-

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