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"How to Build a Billion Dollar Synthesizer in your own Living Room..

Acquire from the telephone company two telephones each with a separate line, that is two telephones with different numbers. Make sure that they may be placed very close to each other. Touching infact.

Take the phone handles from both "phone one" and from "phone two" and put them together in such a way that "phone one" listens to "phone two" and that "phone two" listens to "phone one". That is to say, in the "69" position. It is advisable to tape short tubes between the adjacent organs to ease clear transmission of information along.

To listen to your Billion Dollar Synthesizer (BDS) either: 1) Put mikes very close to the two tubes or 2) get an extension phone for each phone used in the BDS and mike (or just listen) to those phones.

*A Statement of Operational Conception...

Ladies and Gentleman: Feedback is the process of continually(?jh) That is its simplest, or first degree form. If however, "one" intakes from "two" and "two" from "one", then in essence we have the BDS -- a second degree system (but none the less still a felony).

In any second degree system there are two "elements" each which processes the information given it and then returns it to the other element. Where the BDS far exceeds any other feedback synthesizer is its ability to access with surprising speed any of over a million different elements.

What follows are six pieces written for the BDS each of which exploits a different aspect of the BDS's capabilities. They may be played live or in taped form, in public or in private, singly or as a set, or with other compositions for the BDS.

IMAGINARY UNITED STATES-SCAPE #1. Element #1: Randomly dial a telephone number. Element #2: Randomly dial a telephone number. Note: Just let them work it out for themselves.

IMAGINARY WORLD-SCAPE #1 Element #1: Randomly dial a number in say Japan. Element #2: Randomly dial a number in say Spain.

PIECE WITH RELATED ELEMENTS. Element #1: Somebody. Element #2: The brother, sister, mom, or dad of element #1. Note: Don't let them know. Long lost cousins might be nice.

POLITICAL MUSIC #1. Element #1: Dial somebody. A real nobody. Element #2: Dial a government agency that might be able to help.

DEGENERATE MUSIC #1. Element #1: Dial a number. Element #2: Dial the same number. Note: Let the phone company work it out.

A STUDY IN CONSTIPATION. Element #1: Randomly dial a number. Element #2: Dial the time-temp number.

RICH GOLD/. Berkeley CA. Feb. 1974