Perry, Charles, the Haight-Ashbury, A History; Vintage Books, A Division of Random House, New York, 1985, Copyright 1984 by Rolling Stone Press. excerpts Typed by Barb. Golden Nov. 22, 1994. 241w

Ramon Sender. After Morning Star, Wheeler's Ranch and the Banana Patch commune on Maui, the Trips Festival organizer returned to Sonoma County and bought land near Morning Star and Wheeler's with the proceeds of a book he wrote with the ecology writer Alicia Bay Laurel. He has initiated people into a religious Order of the Morning Star. p.295

Patrick Gleeson. the San Francisco State professor who had dabbled in Vietnam Day committee and Digger activities was denied tenure in 1968. Down and out, his academic career over, he turned to music in 1969. He has played keyboards and Moog synthesizer with the Herbie Hancock band and as a studio musician, and owns a 24-track recording studio in San Francisco, Different Fur. p.296

Don McCoy. the wealthy owner of the Marin Heliport building where many rock bands rehearsed and original owner of 715 Ashbury began a commune at 690-acre Rancho Olompali, near Novato in Marin County, at the end of 1967. The next year, after a difficult period when there had been two arrests, a fire and two drownings at Olompali, his relatives put his property into conservatorship because of his announced intention to give away all his earthly goods. p.297

Typed by Barb. Golden Nov. 24, 1994.