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(from his 'bio' on the the WELL conference system where he co-hosts the Spirituality Conference)

Writer of speculative fiction, book reviews, essays. Also composer of electronic and experimental music, father, retired communitarian. "I aspire to putting more time in on the garden and getting just a few of many manuscripts into print."

Born Madrid, Spain. Studies in piano with George Copeland, harmony with Elliott Carter, counterpoint & fugue with Harold Shapero, composition with Robert Erickson. B. Mus San Francisco Conservatory of Music, M.A. Mills College. Co-founded The San Francisco Tape Music Center with composers Morton Subotnick and Pauline Oliveros, co-founded Morning Star Ranch with Limeliter Lou Gottlieb, volunteered as director of The Ahimsa Church at Wheeler's Ranch. Various articles in The Co-Evolution Quarterly, Whole Earth Review. Co- authored Being of the Sun (Harper & Row 1974) with Alicia Bay Laurel. The Family Publishing Company published future fantasy novel, Zero Weather in 1980. A sample of an interactive Hypercard multimedia project titled The Guide to EverWhere is available on the Apple CD-Rom Learning Disk (1988). Look for the title in the Whole Earth Catalog index on the CD-Rom. A family memoir set in Civil War Spain, A Death in Zamora, was published by The University of New Mexico Press in 1988, and in Spanish by Plaza y Janes, Barcelona. Everything seems to be currently out of print.

Available from the author (order via e-mail below):

Zero Weather, A Comic Fantasy, 1980. Hippie hero runs afoul of psychic terrorist who dresses in Santa Claus outfit. Set in 1994 on an alternative time track . $15/domestic $20/foreign postpaid.

A Death In Zamora, a reconstruction of the author's mother's life in pre-Civil War Spain, plus how she was imprisoned and shot during the early months of the war. English original $15/domestic $20/foreign postpaid.

Being of the Sun, hand-lettered and drawn by Alicia Bay Laurel with six full-page color illustrations, songs, etc. The main theme of the book is "How to grow your own religion." offering an example of a nature religion with chants for the cycles of seasons and moon. $25/$30 postpaid. _________________________________________________________________

Ramon Sender Barayon

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