BREAK GLASS IN CASE OF FIRE The Anthology From The Center For Contemporary Music Edited by Bob Davis with Rich Gold Published by The Center for Contemporary Music Cover Concept: William Farley Cover Photo: Pat Kelley (c) 1978 by The Center for Contemporary Music for the Authors 262w

Don Buchla KEYBOARD ENCOUNTER for Charles and David

Two unacquainted pianists, both skilled in the art of improvisation, are brought together for the first time in a carefully prepared setting.

Identically tuned pianos are places as shown. Piano B's lid should be removed; Piano A's may be retained to balance the sound radiated to the audience. A thin curtain is hung between the pianos such that the players cannot see one another from even the most extended playing postures (including both standing). Fabric should be acoustically transparent and visually opaque.

Prior to the performance, the players should familiarize themselves with the instruments and the space. Rehearsal scheduling should be arranged so as to preclude any possibility of accidental contact. Those assisting in the preparations should be instructed to avoid reference to any aspect of the other player (including name, playing style, sex, etc.)

The performance is preceded with the playing of a recording -- the second side of Mort Subotnick's "Until Spring". The players are seated 9 minutes after the beginning of "until Spring" and instructed to begin any time after its conclusion. No suggestions are made concerning the nature or duration of the performance. One or both players will eventually rise, establish contact, and thus terminate the performance.

Don Buchla April, 1976

Typed by Cheryl Vega 8-8-95