Partch, Harry; GENESIS OF A MUSIC; 1949 ,1974; Da Capo Press, Inc. New York. Copyright 1949, 1974 by Harry Partch. Typed by Barb. Golden, October 1994. excerpts 564w

Appendix III Music - Theater Works - Major Performances ___________________________________________

Seventeen Lyrics by Li Po (1930-1933) For Adapted Viola and Intoning Voice

Two Psalms (1931) The Lord is My Shepherd (No. 23; based on the spoken inflections of a cantor) By the Rivers of Babylon (No. 137) Both for Adapted Viola and Intoning Voice; Babylon was rewritten in 1941 with Chromelodeon and Kithara added.

The Potion Scene (from Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet ) (1931) Originally Adapted Viola and Voice. Rewritten in 1955 with Chromelodeon, Kithara, Bass Marimba, Marimba Eroica, and two high female voices (heard toward the end) added.

Some of these early works were performed for the first time for the New Music Society, San Francisco, on February 9, 1932. They were also performed for many small groups and clubs in and around San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York between 1932 and 1934. p.468

Two Studies on Ancient Greek Scales (1946) 1. Olympos' Pentatonic 2. Archytas' Enharmonic Both originally for Harmonic Canon; Bass Marimba added later.

Eleven Intrusions (1949-1950) Nos. 1 and 2 are the two Greek studies above. 3. The Rose 4. The Crane 5. The Waterfall 6. The Wind 7. The Street 8. Lover 9. Soldiers - War- Another War 10. Vanity 11. Cloud-Chamber Music Together these studies used all of the instruments of that period (see Appendix VI).

Ring Around the Moon (1949-1950) The middle section of Plectra and Percussion Dances; see Chapter 14.

Oedipus - Dance-Drama (1951; rewritten 1952-1954) See Chapter 14. Performed at Mills College, Oakland, California, March 14, 15, 16, 1952, using the W. B. Yeats version. Conductor: Marjorie Sweazey. Director: Arch Lauterer. Oedipus: Allan Louw. The rewritten version was performed on Shell Beach, Sausalito, September 11 and 12, 1954, in connection with the Sausalito Arts Fair. Conductor: Jack Hohensee. Oedipus: Allan Louw.

Castor and Pollux (1952)

Even Wild Horses (1952)

The first and third sections of Plectra and Percussion Dances; see chapter 14.

The complete Plectra and Percussion Dances was first performed at the International House, Berkeley, on November 19, 1953, under the auspices of radio station KPFA. Three performances in the Sausalito studio followed soon afterward.

Two Settings from Lewis Carroll 1954) 1. The Mock Turtle Song For Singing-Intoning Voice, Surrogate Kithara, Spoils of War. 2. O Frabjous Day! (The Jabberwock) For Intoning Voice, Harmonic Canon, Bass Marimba.

O Frabjous Day! was written for and included in a program of the Young People's Concert Series of the Mill Valley (California) Outdoor Art Club, February 13, 1954.

Ulysses at the Edge (implicit: of the World) (1955)

Written for Alto Saxophone (E flat) or Trumpet (B flat), Baritone Saxophone (E flat), diamond Marimba, Boo, Cloud-Chamber Bowls, and Rhythmic Voice at the end: "So you say that your name is Ulysses, that you're wandering around the world. Tell me, sir, have you ever been arrested before?" This became the fifth item in the collection entitled The Wayward (see above).

The Bewitched - A Dance Satire (1955) See Chapter 14.


And on the Seventh Day Petals Fell in Petaluma (1963-1966) p.473

1. Demonstration program presented in connection with the Eighteenth National Convention of the American Symphony Orchestra League, Sheraton-Palace Hotel, San Francisco, June 20, 1963. Short excerpts from many works were performed. p.474