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Partch, Harry - books

McGeary, Thomas. The Music of Harry Partch: a descriptive catalog. Brooklyn, NY: Institute for Studies in American Music, 1991. This catalog contains the most complete and up to date information on Partch. It has an outline of events in Partch's life as well as a very thorough bibliography, discography, and works list.

Partch, Harry. Genesis of a Music, revised 2d edition. New York: Da Capo Press, 1974. Partch's most definitve work. This work explains Partch's thoughts concerning art, monophony, and theory. It also explains some of his works and instruments. Since it is from the pen of the composer himself, it explains Partch's thoughts as no other book can.

Partch, Harry. Bitter Music. Editied with an introduction by Thomas McGeary. Urbanna IL: University of Illinois Press, 1991. A collection of journals, papers, and other writings of Harry Partch. This fine work gives insight into the personal as well as musical thoughts of Partch.

Zimmerman, W. Desert Plants Conversations with 23 American Musicians. Vancouver, BC: 1976. To be annotated.