SOURCE Music of the Avant Garde, Issue Number EIGHT vol 4 no 2 july 1970 186w

Larry Austin

CARITAS: Symphony of the Gigantic Hammered Welded Aluminum Imitation Earth Volumes -- Raisin, Stone, Root, Stalk, Potato, God, Nut, Shoot, Germ, Rock

The original electronic sound materials for Caritas were realized on the PDP-10 computer music installation at the Artificial Intelligence Project, Stanford University. The resulting audio source tape was then processed and modified, primarily utilizing modulation, filtering, and sequencing modules in an electronic music system designed for the composer by Don Buchla. The original tape composition employs ten separate channels, each routed to its own aluminum "sculpture-speaker," each of which is activated by transducers. These giant aluminum sculptures were created by Father Lee Lubbers, S.J., as part of a collaborative composition with Austin, called Agape. The accompanying recording is an excerpted composite of the original ten-channel, 32-minute composition. Ideally, a selection of seventy various polarized crystal projections by Keith Muscutt (see issue seven) are shown while music sounds.

Caritas is love directed upwards. Caritas is love of God. Caritas is love for the eternal."

Davis, California December, 1969